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The perfect lighting for the use of penis plug

Penis Enlargement Exercises and use of Penis Plug

Let’s first understand how things work, and then see what the most effective penis enlargement exercise is. Not by the other, but not in the bar. The male reproductive system consists of penis, testicles, seminal vesicles and prostate. The penis is made up of a spongy body that is responsible for creating an erection, and inside there is a channel called the urethra that drives urine and semen out of the body.

What is the normal length of the penis?


The effective length of a flaccid penis is 8.9 cm. A review of some studies has shown that the average size of a penis is 9-10 cm. The average length of an erect penis is 14 cm and the thickness is 11 cm. concerning the circumference of an erect penis, mid-penis measurements showed an average of 8.9-9.8 cm. Of course, not all are genetically blessed with a decent size, which is why they need exercises for penis enlargement, surgery, pills and other wonders.

Exercises for penis enlargement that can be done

There are many penis enlargement exercises that can be done to increase the size of the penis and these exercises have shown a guaranteed increase. But these exercises do not work unless done 5 days a week for at least 6 months. After 2 or 3 weeks of exercise, you will see an increase in the size of the penis in erect but also soft condition. These exercises should be practiced for one hour each day with a 2-day break between exercises to allow the cells to regenerate.

How do these penis enlargement exercises enhance it?

The penis is made up of 3 spongy tissue cells that can absorb the blood brought to the penis by the circulatory system. These rooms are filled with blood, this leads to an erection. When we do the right penis enlargement exercises, they will make those rooms grow. In this way, more blood will enter the penis, increasing its size.

Heating with a warm towel:

This process is necessary before you start penis enlargement exercises because it increases the flow of blood to the penile tissue. In addition, it makes the skin more flexible to lower the chances of bruising. It can be done in the following ways:

Moisten a towel in warm water and then wrap it around your penis and testicles, initially you will feel uncomfortable, but then the warmth will give you a sense of comfort. Leave the towel for two minutes, and then repeat the process three more times.

You can use other methods of penis healing, such as a whirlpool or a hot bath, with light penis massage to increase the growth of the blood. You should not stay for more than 10 minutes.

Except these processes penis enlargement can be done by penis plug too. But is it a good idea to make your own penis plug? The answer can be yes, if you know the exact process and safety guide.

Urinate after urethral play

Hygiene control is an important element in urethral play, as it is a play to insert a foreign object into the urethra, usually nothing enters. Particular attention is required when inserting deeply into the urethra. Be sure to use the equipment after sterilization treatment, please urinate after urethral play. Since urine in the bladder is sterile, it is a perfect way to wash the urethra. Always keep playing with urine stored, and finally urinate and discharge germs and other substances out of the body together with urine.

Urethral plug for men: penis plug cam kit

Urethral plug made of medical grade silicon! Items used for the first time in urethral related kinks! It is an introduction of the penis plug cam kit (8.6K).

Male urethral plug is a penis plug (urethral plug) made of medical grade silicone, with a thin plug and a thick plug set in it. Because it is medical grade silicone, compatibility with the urethra is very good; it also corresponds to the curvature of the urethra from the flexibility of the material.

The central part of the urethral plug is hollow, it is possible to urinate and ejaculate while wearing the urethral plug. You can expand the exit part of the urethra with goods suitable for those who try urethral play for the first time. You can choose from four colors of black, blue, red, gray. For more info, visit

How to use the urethral plug for men or penis plug cam kit

The use of male urethral plug is very easy. Just insert the smaller penis plug cam kit slowly from the penis urethral meatus. When inserting, use lubricant such as olive oil if necessary.

It is difficult to insert it in the state of a muffle, so it is a habit to insert it in an erection state or semi-erection state. If you get used to the smaller one, try to insert the larger penis plug cam kit. Since urinating is possible from the hole that is opened in the center, it is possible to wear for a long time. Also, even if you elect to ejaculate, you can excrete from the hole in the center.

Specifications for male urethral plug

Small Plug: Insertion length: 5.1 cm, Shaft diameter: 4 to 6.3 mm, Bore size: 2.3 mm, Base diameter: 1.5 cm

Large Plug: Insertion length: 5.1 cm, Shaft Diameter: 6.4 to 8 mm, Bore Inner Diameter: 3.4 mm, Base Diameter: 1.5 cm

Male urethral plug tool bit sound

Silicone urethral plug which does not hurt while inserting it! Introduction of tool bit sound (14.1 K).

Characteristics of male urethral plug tool bit sound

Male urethral plug Tool Bit Sound is a high quality silicon urethral plug molded carefully. Since the tip is in the shape of a screw, it can be inserted into the urethra while rotating. It is designed so as not to hurt the urethra as much as possible, and it has a feature that it hardly hurts even if it is inserted for a long time.

How to use male urethral plug tool bit sound

The use of urethral plug for men tool bit sound is very easy. Insertion into the penis will be inserted from the urethral meatus while turning using the screw shape at the tip. Once inserted, keep it as it is and expand the urethra.

Male urethral plug: XL hollow stainless steel urethral plug

A stainless steel urethral plug with a maximum diameter of 1.1 cm! XL hollow stainless steel urethral plug (6.8K) is an introduction. Male urethral plug XL hollow stainless urethral plug is a urethral plug made of stainless steel. The central part is a hollow, and urination and ejaculation are possible while wearing it. Although the length of the insertion is as short as 5 cm, the diameter is 1.1 cm at the maximum, and feels a sense of size considerably. Although it is so thick, as it is inserted, it gradually becomes thicker and can be inserted naturally.

Sex swing experience is more fun with the ideal lighting

Sex swing – a unique device for sex: Know how to use it safely

These sex swings are an affordable alternative to the big swings. They are compact and portable, mounted on the door and consist of two strong and broad lines. On each sling two loops, one smaller for the hand, the other more spacious for the leg. The length of the sling is easily adjustable.

Slings are made of black nylon. It is enough to throw two cylinders of transparent plastic through the door and close it! And all the sex swings are ready for use. For greater security, it will be better if the door is sealed with a lock or bolt.

After use, this sex device is also accessible to remove from the door and pack in the box again for the following experiments and hot moments. Such a method for sex, as these small sex swings at the door, will allow everyone to try new positions and diversify their intimate life! They are ideal for a small city apartment, as well as for travel and honeymoon in a hotel.

New sensations, new heights of pleasure and a whole firework of emotions! After all, now, without much effort and super stretching, you can try out quite sophisticated sex postures and experience what is not available in natural poses. But everyone knows that even the freest and hot sex in the usual position with time can become tedious.

Experiment, try new versions of close games, this will help sex swing from the American sex shops. This sex device can also be used in various role-playing games. Nylon slings are very durable and reliable, due to which the sex swing can withstand up to 250 kg!

Sex swing on the door – this is a new horizon of pleasure and pleasure! Try new positions from the Kama Sutra or turn on your wits and invent your own. Feel how tireless and rampant lovers you can become if you want this. Realise your old sexual fantasies, and you will certainly like it!

Swing Love: How to use and what are the Benefits

Rich and vibrant sex life is an essential component of harmonious relationships, without which even the most obvious connection between souls and compatibility of characters will not give a feeling of satisfaction from life. It is high-quality and regular sex that makes a couple happy, which means that the efforts made for this will pay off many times over. One of the best and most effective ways to make sex with a regular partner unforgettable is the use of erotic toys and accessories for adults. One of the most original and unusual sex devices is considered to be a sex swing.

The sex swing is a special kind of sex furniture, the primary purpose of which is to give joy from unforgettably bright sex and to bring the much-needed and essential variety into permanent relationships. Swing is a belt system that is mounted in the doorway or on a special support. These belts correctly maintain the weight of an adult who can safely swing on them at his pleasure, giving pleasure to a partner.

The advantages of using erotic swings for adults

Variety – sex and the use of unusual toys and other devices always give a sense of piquant unexplored and exciting acuity. Games with swings will help to bring freshness even into a long-established relationship, to make them appealing and just like unforgettable for the first time. In addition to the purely psychological component of the sensation of novelty, you can note a significant expansion of the range of impressions obtained in the process of sex with the use of sec-seesaw. A fundamentally different distribution of body weight, the shift of the centres of gravity and the uncharacteristic position of the body of one of the partners allows both participants to get new pleasures that they did not have to experience before.

The opportunity to make the enjoyment infinite – no matter how much you love making love; they all have their time limits. And it’s not even about reaching the highest point of pleasure: bed games, especially with the use of fantasy and conducting bold experiments, are always severe workloads, comparable in energy to the sport. Sex swings significantly reduce the physical load on the body of participants in sexual intercourse and thus save energy for more extended pleasures.

The absence of restrictions on the choice of posture – the desire to try all possible love poses, present in every sex-gourmet, is often limited to the physical capabilities of the partners. The difference in height and weight, lack of physical fitness is not a complete list of the reasons why some couples fail to realise all their fantasies. Sex swings will help overcome the barrier of restrictions and colour your love life with all the colours of love and pleasure.

Sexual Harness: The other part of Sex Swings

The original harnesses are great unknown in the sexual field; unintentionally we associate them with harder or more questionable practices, and many do not know why they are used or how they can help us to have more satisfactory sexual relations.


What is a sexual harness?

A harness is a toy that allows us to place a dildo, dildo or vibrator at the height of the pubis with which you can make insights to your partner. It is usual to talk about an active person who would be the person wearing the harness and therefore performs the penetration and passive person who is the one who receives it.

What types of harnesses are there?

The harnesses can be of several types:

• Gaps: These are designed for men because its interior is hollow so you can enter the penis inside.
• Strap-On: They are harnesses that allow exchanging dildos of different sizes and shapes so that our game is even more complete.
• According to your fastenings: When you talk about fastenings, you are referring to the way it is fastened to our hips so that it is in place. Here you can find harnesses with panties, harnesses with straps and even harness without straps. Harnesses without straps are recommended when you have great experience in the use of harnesses but can be difficult and even unpleasant.
• With dildo or interior plug: There are harnesses that in addition to presenting the dildo to penetrate your partner also contains a beautiful addition to incorporate a dildo or anal plug. Thus, the person who stabs is even penetrated.

They are somewhat complicated the first few times, but in nothing you will dominate it, do not give up that it’s worth it!

Latex should be worn with the perfect lighting

Tips to carry Latex Cloth Comfortably

In the quest for a soul mate, you have to bet everything to succeed for sure. Appearance is a major asset that makes its effect on the first date. Even in the street, you can fall in love with a stranger, thanks to his outfit. This is to say that the way of dressing is an infallible element of seduction. As long as you know how to enhance yourself, it will be very easy to tease your target. It’s not about being fashionable, but about being attractive and turning heads on your way. Besides, all women like to be admired. They will do more if it is a person who is dear to them.

More and more women are using great means to seduce a man. If some offer expensive fashion accessories, others make a makeover. There is nothing surprising with the clothing and cosmetics shops that submerge the canvas. We can afford the latest pair of trendy shoes by simple order via the internet. But back to our sheep, how to dress well to be attractive: A question that all women want to elucidate. Follow the guide; it will enlighten you on the subject in this article.

1. Have a good look

It is important to have a beautiful look to seduce. As every woman has her own morphology, the perfect outfit will depend on each one. It is the same for tastes that differ from one person to another. First of all, your look should match your age. Then consider what might please your prey. The principle is to adapt to the situation, the place and the person. The good look would be the one that attracts at the first glance, without seeming extravagant and superficial.

2. Stay natural

Since you have been slow to study your outfit, be confident in wearing it to be more consistent. For example, if you have decided to wear pointed heels, something you are not used to doing, it will be known. The bottom line is that you’re in your comfort zone when it’s time to take action. Before even saying the first words, it’s important that you already have an eye on it. In this way, the current will pass more easily.

3. Know how to stand out

In fact, the look that we have is a reflection of our personality. Dress code will be the first image we give to people. By dint of going to you, your entourage will finish by sticking you a label. A woman in a suit on the subway will be better perceived than a woman in basketball and sweatshirt. For women in particular, a touch of femininity will give a boost to your project of seduction, without forgetting to look after your appearance. It’s not just clothes that matter; your hair will also be examined by your interlocutor. The most demanding of hygiene will go up to inspect your nails.

4. Bet on accessories and makeup

Accessories and makeup add to your intention to seduce. If you have caught his attention and he comes to you, the message is passed. In other words, the person concerned has seen clearly in your game. Your neat appearance has played a leading role. Sometimes the fantasy of men is connected to a particular style. Take the case of these men who love blond women with a dapper lipstick. This kind of woman who seems to belong to an old age is still popular with gentlemen. If you want to flirt with a handsome old car fan, a little vintage in your look will do the trick.

5. Wear comfortable but chic clothes

An excess of fashion victim is however misadvised. It’s good to be fashionable, but no way to wear these outfits to your date lovers. Before you go out the door, ask yourself if the outfit is worth it. Women tend to wear uncomfortable clothes during these outings. An error to avoid in which case you may have a bad time. It is important to feel good about yourself when you start the discussion. Do not let a tight pencil skirt or misaligned false eyelashes spoil your moment of intimacy.

6. Be sexy in moderation

It should be noted that provocative outfits are not the best weapons to seduce while they do not go unnoticed, but it may scare your target. Nothing prevents you from wearing something sexy, but thinks to put forward your physical assets. A simple tank top molding nicely rounded breasts can work in some men. In any case, one must never pay into vulgarity. The outfits that please are sometimes basic clothes that enhance the personality of the wearer. Moreover, the main thing is not to dress to excite a man, but rather to choose the perfect outfit to attract the eye. Sexy but not more!

7. Emphasize bright colors

As this is a question of attracting attention, bet on bright colors. Not necessarily flashy colors, but just bright enough to make the young man look at you. Better still if you adapt them to your accessories as well as your makeup or varnish. The use of colored objects is a great way to seduce, provided you keep a class attitude. Men are not interested in eccentric women. Adopting the “me-you-seen” might even make them run away.
In short, you must give importance to your look to be able to conquer a man. Who says look, says dress and beauty. Your target will be aware of the effort you have made in seduction. If the ball is in your court, he will want to embark on an idyllic adventure with you.

What to wear?

If you dream of wearing latex clothing like a film star, here are a few tips; you can dress up in this aggressive style. Now the market has a huge variety of clothing and accessories from latex. Here is just a small list:

• Dresses,
• Gloves,
• Pants,
• Underwear,
• Costumes,
• Masks,
• Raincoats.

Models of dresses range from tight mini to dresses with a skirt-sun and dresses in the floor with cuts. Latex dress can be supplemented with a corset or a raincoat. The most popular colors for latex outfit are black and red but if you like you can find any shades including pink. It is best to put on strips on your feet; they will strengthen the image of the fatal dominatrix. If you are a risky person, you can also wear a latex mask or a playful headdress for example, belt eyes.

But if you think, that the latex – it’s easy, you’re wrong. What is worth at least wear full latex ammunition! Latex is a very dense and cramped material and it can be very difficult for you to pull it over yourself.

The first way is to use talcum powder or baby powder. The strong point of this method lies in the fact, that the talc absorbs moisture, and sweat in latex you will abundantly, he’s not breathable. In addition, it is easy to get it at any pharmacy. Of the minuses – talc will be everywhere, it is free-flowing, it is difficult to control.

The second method is a silicone lubricant. It can be purchased at any sex shop. Covers inside lubricant suit and slips like clockwork. Cons – when it dries, it starts to stick. In general, if you decide to try something new these instructions will help you.

The perfect lighting for yoni eggs

Yoni’s eggs: How it helps to detoxify your health

The egg will allow you to develop a tonic perineum. Today you can find training eggs from bovine, onyx and other stones. And to find them is quite simple – as a rule, they are always in stock at a nearby esoteric shop.

But the real yoni eggs made from the most genuine yoni is not so easy to find. And they are not training – they somehow suddenly quickly become loved and loved. There are reasons for this. After all, since ancient times in the east, yoni stone was characterized as purely female. And in our time, no matter what woman tastes yoni, she no longer returns to substitute stones. No mysticism – it’s all about vibrations! Natural vibrations generated by yoni are very close to those vibrations emitted by the lower women’s energy centers (chakras). A yoni egg, invited to the bosom of a woman, enters into a resonance with its own radiation, repeatedly amplifying it. This means that the energy of a woman’s thought increases, it is easier for her to attract the desired in her life, her female vibrations increase the fluid loop increases her efficiency. That is why women, who met in yoni, very quickly feel the difference and remain true to this particular stone.

What’s the point of having a toned perineum?

Taking care of this part of your body allows you to:

• Avoid urinary leakage
• Avoid organ descents
• Develop a good knowledge and awareness of her vagina and pelvis
• Improve oxygenation of tissues, increase blood circulation, energetic, lymphatic and hormonal
• Stimulate libido and awaken sexual energy
• Have better lubrication (the egg stimulates the Bartolin gland inside the vagina, which is ideal for post-menopausal women)
• Better control and manage penetration
• Have more fun during the penetration
• Increase your sexual pleasure and that of your partner
• Improve the emotional state thanks to the virtues of stone

And many more benefits that you will discover when using Yoni’s egg.

Who can enjoy Yoni Eggs?

For all women who want to regain their femininity, their vitality and their feminine power.

What is a Yoni egg?

The word Yoni in Sanskrit means the genital organ of the woman. He is also the symbol of the feminine energy called Shakti. Yoni egg is a stone egg; there are different sizes and different stones. This egg is to place in your vagina. The use of Yoni’s egg began as a secret practice that evolved in ancient China. The use of the egg was taught only in the royal palace to queens and concubines. Some think it was originally taught as a practice to please the king while making love. However, the benefits of the practice are much greater. People who regularly use the egg have seen an increase in vitality, sexual energy, and improved physical and spiritual health.

It may seem odd to introduce a stone egg into her vagina but it must be admitted, one feels physically, emotionally and energetically a change. Moreover, it is a visible change by others. They do not know what has changed but something is different. It’s pretty bluffing.

Taoism is the foundation of Chinese philosophy and medicine. Think about acupuncture, massage and herbal therapies. These practices allow balancing and increasing what they call Chi, which corresponds to the vital energy. This vital energy is known in many cultures. For example, it is called Prana in Ayurveda Indian medicine.

All over the world, slowly but surely, people are beginning to recognize this energy (energy that the Taoists have known for thousands of years). Western medicine has begun to recognize and confirm the benefits of the proper circulation of this vital energy in the body: regulation of hormones, activation of nerves and blood flow and stimulation of the immune system to stay healthy whatever our age and seasons!

One thing is certain; you do not need to become a Taoist master to enjoy the benefits and practice of this little magic egg. In fact, with a good basic understanding and a good mentality and intention, everyone can benefit.
From your first order you will receive an e-guide to know how to use and maintain it and much more.

The shape of the egg and its symbolism:

The egg is the first stage of life, the departure of the world, it looks like an egg. It symbolizes as follows:
• Fertility
• Life
• The Renaissance
• Protection

Last words: The biggest Yoni egg is smaller than the eggs in your fridge. They are smooth and pleasant to watch, a little heavy (about 90g for adults).

How to choose your first Yoni egg?

Choosing a Yoni Egg is a very difficult task but it depends on your personal preferences, experts says that each and every girl know there requirements very clearly. That said, if this is the first time you hear about Yoni’s eggs, you probably feel a little lost.

There are 3 sets of yoni eggs: big, medium and small, in Rose Quartz, or a varied 3 set of different stones. And if you only have to choose one, choose pink Quartz, large and pierced. It is an excellent choice for beginners.

It’s also great when you start choosing large pink Quartz and another way or big in another stone to experiment with different properties.

Which size to choose?

Yoni’s eggs are mainly of 3 sizes: large, medium and small.

• Large: 45 × 30 mm
• Medium: 40 x 25 mm
• Small: 30 x 20 mm

For the first practices with Yoni Egg, you must start with the average or the big size, it seems counter intuitive. If you are under 40 and have not had a child, you can start with one way. If you choose a big one then you will be able to tone your perineum even more thanks to the weight. For others, it is interesting to start with a big one. In a few weeks of practice (about 2) you will be able to use a medium. To be sure of your choice, just do a simple test:

• Get up
• Swipe your Yoni and contract
• If your finger feels the contraction then it is that your perineum is toned, you can start with a way; if not, start with a big one.

Your size does not matter in choosing the size, no matter how big or small you are.

Why start most of the time with a big one?

The practice with the biggest egg allows to feel it well and thus to work our sensitivity and our “dexterity” at the level of Yoni, our sacred cave. Then we can begin to reduce the size of the egg because the perineum is more and more toned and you know better and better this part of the body. The bigger the egg, the heavier it is, so it becomes harder to keep it for long periods of time except at rest, at night for example. It’s a process of yoni egg detox.

If you cannot keep the egg at the beginning, do not be discouraged, it’s quite normal for beginners – start practicing sitting down and doing perennial toning exercises for a few minutes when you buy seller offer you an e-Guide to start the practice of Yoni’s Egg. If despite these tips you do not know how big to start, the best is to choose a set of 3 different sized eggs. With a set, you can start with a big egg and gradually reduce the size, or try different sizes on different days.

Sex with sex dolls are sexier with the perfect lighting

Sex dolls and the law: Legal Details to Remember while Buying

A New York congressman introduced a bill that would prevent the importation of child-like sex dolls into the United States. If enacted, the law will prevent anatomically accurate wrists of young children from being imported and distributed throughout the country, often with false eyelashes, wigs, heating devices and cleaning tools.

These sex dolls resemble children up to three years old, and can be customized to present realistic facial expressions, which include sadness and fear. Currently, there are no laws in the US to prevent the proliferation of child sex dolls.

After using any sex toy, it is important to clean and wash thoroughly to avoid the spread of all types of infections, especially when the toy in question is a sex doll, and more so if it has been used by different people in a single day. And apparently this was what failed in the operation of a brothel that rented sex dolls to its customers: cleaning. The place offered eight rooms equipped with bed, bathroom and TV that transmitted pornographic films, in addition to the realistic silicone sex dolls, which customers used for their own pleasure.
Customers of Sex Dolls Torino, in America, could choose from seven different doll models, with different outfits, skin color, different eyes and hair. They could even opt for a male doll with an adjustable penis whose length varies from five to seven inches, according to the client’s taste.

For a payment of $ 93, the visitors could use the dolls at will for half an hour and experiment with them practically all the positions of the Kama sutra, according to the publicity of the place. The brothel reservations were up to the limit and their customers came from different parts of America. Also the place was closed at night and accepted reservations in groups.

Sex Dolls Torino was raided by local police on suspicion that the dolls were not cleaned thoroughly, at least for two hours after each use, in addition to violating the country’s rental law.

Each doll costs around $ 2,300. In America, brothels with prostitutes are illegal. Sex Dolls Torino is a company that offers brothel franchises with sex dolls in cities such as Moscow and Barcelona.

Technological advances have made these dolls more and more realistic, to such an extent that they are now mass-marketed in some countries, such as Japan, where more than 2,000 human-sized silicone dolls are sold every year: many Japanese people live with their “baby doll”. But Western countries are not left out. For many years, this phenomenon intrigues and fuels the fantasies of many men.

In 2002, a report of the show Aléas is interested in this new fashion. A German artist living in Bavaria devotes himself entirely to the making of these humanoids, striking with realism. One of his concerns is to find an adequate way to warm the body of his dolls. An American user explains indeed the importance of the heating of the silicone in the winter.

The use of these dolls is sometimes very disturbing. Gordon, an American in his forties, introduces us to his “baby doll”, which has the features of a teenager in her fifties. This is exactly the model he wants. He is aware that in real life, he could not legally have a relationship with a girl of this age, but the doll allows him to live his fantasy. He dresses his model, spends time with her, watching television with him. A relationship taken very seriously that seems to fill Gordon.

If the realism of these dolls is accurate, their idea goes back to the dawn of time. Idea that may seem shocking at first, but we can indeed bring the myth of Pygmalion dolls sold in sex shops. This is the thesis defended by this journalist working on the subject: Since the beginning of historical times, the male imagination is filled with stories of women created from scratch, either by the Gods or by men.

A wise entrepreneur, he has already launched and sold a dozen electronic cigarette shops when the trend was at its highest, set up a concept store dedicated to motorcycles or an LED lighting company when it started to speak.

Sustainable environment

In other words, he knows how to catch the light of the times. The brothels of sex dolls open one after the other in the big European cities. It is also by making a tour of Europe of this new type of hustle that experts decided to take action: they visited real brothels in the four corners of the world; they discovered that the existence of these brothels of dolls. The experience was crazy!

Everything not to suffer the wrath of the associations

By testing and comparing different houses, expert finds ideas for adapting brothels to dolls: In Germany, they have installed them in old brothels. It is a mistake. The places, the reception are not at all designed for that. For example, they use conventional beds 60 centimeters in height. But a doll is not a woman. It’s heavy, complicated to move. You have to be at his level. That’s why I installed mattresses on the floor in my “play spaces”. At Xdolls, we do not say room but “space of play”, a way to play down the thing.

Expert has also thought of everything not to suffer the wrath of associations. If, today, he proposes three feminine dolls with an attractive breast and white skin, he intends to diversify: “You can note, soon there will be a male doll and a black doll. And when we talk to him about hygiene issues, he responds quickly: “It’s safer to come to our house than to go see a prostitute. Our dolls are cleaned between each client. First, they are washed with a mild soap. Then they are sterilized with a hydro-alcoholic solution. And, finally, they are sprayed with a bomb from the Anios laboratory. It kills everything in its path. The doll, you can eat on it. ”

For 19 dollars more, you can enjoy the joys of new technologies and don an augmented reality headset
If Xdolls starts modestly with three bedrooms, it intends to expand. Expert plans the next opening of six other brothel houses in France. But why do men pay 89 dollars an hour to make love to a silicone doll? According to the owner of the place, the experience is incomparable: Here, you are focused on your pleasure 100%. There is a selfish, even autistic dimension. You do not need to think about the pleasure of the woman; it changes your experience deeply. And the sensations are incredible. Limit better. An unconscious thing happens, which makes you excite. You do not make love to a real woman. Not your hand. It’s new. This is another thing.

Sex dolls are not smart. They do not speak and are not motorized. But for 19 dollars more, you can enjoy the joys of new technologies and put on an augmented reality headset. The experience is even stronger. You can, for example, put your doll in the same position as the one projected in your helmet and find you thus immersed between two worlds taking advantage of all your senses. As we get ready to leave, Expert invites us to check his words and make love to one of his dolls. We politely refused.

Doing Kegel exercises under the perfect lighting

The Best Kegel Exercises: Fighting Incontinence and Improving Your Sexual Health

Kegel exercises can help control or prevent problems with urinary tract leakage, incontinence, and sexual health benefits. Here is a little guide on the benefits of these exercises and a short list of activities to try.

Fighting Incontinence with Pelvic Floor Strengthening Exercises

Kegel exercises tone the pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder, uterus, small intestine and rectum. Several reasons can weaken the muscles of your pelvic floor and lead to urinary incontinence. Among the reasons are, for example, pregnancies, childbirth, some surgeries, being overweight and ageing. It may be beneficial for you to try Kegel exercises if you recognise yourself in the following situations:

• You have small leaks when you sneeze, laugh or a cough
• You feel an urgent urge just before going to urinate
• You have faecal holes

However, these exercises may be less useful for people with severe holes when sneezing, laughing or coughing. These exercises are also less effective against bladder overflow incontinence.

Improve your sexual health with Kegel exercises

For both women and men, Kegel exercises are a great way to improve your sexual health. In men, strengthening the pelvic-coccygeal pelvic floor muscles can help prevent premature ejaculation. In women, Kegel exercises can help achieve orgasm and increase sexual pleasure.

An exercise program to firm up your pelvic floor muscles

For maximum benefits, it is recommended to perform these exercises each day, preferably in the morning and evening. Perform three sets of 15-20 repetitions for each activity.

Exercise 1 – Scissors

• Lie on your back using a floor mat and put your hands along your body.
• Lift your legs off the floor by opening and closing them, imitating the movement of the scissors.
• Alternate leg above, leg underneath.
• Concentrate on your pelvic area to feel the muscles working.

Exercise 2 – The ball

• Lie on your back with your feet resting on the floor and your knees bent up and pointing up.
• Place a small ball between your knees. Contract your buttocks while holding the ball between your knees. Raise the basin towards the ceiling.
• Keep the position for about ten seconds.
• Gently return to the initial position, and then repeat ten times.

Exercise 3 – Squat

• Stand up with your legs shoulder-width apart, and then lower your buttocks so that your hips are at your knees, without going over them.
• Keep the position for a few seconds, and then slowly go back to the original place.
• Start with a series of 10 repetitions. Increase gradually.

Exercise 4 – The chair

• Sit on a chair with your back straight.
• Contract and relax the pelvic area muscles continuously and quickly.

Exercise 5 – Contraction of the buttocks

• Stand up and spread your feet 20 centimetres.
• Contract the buttocks and try to make them touch each other.
• Count 5 seconds, then relax them.
• Repeat a dozen times.

Exercise 6 – The Swiss ball

• Lie down and put a Swiss ball under your legs.
• Contract the pelvic floor muscles by raising your pelvis to the ceiling. Hold 8 seconds.
• Release and find your initial position. Do a dozen repetitions.

Exercise 7 (for women only) – Kegel Ball

• This exercise requires an object called Geisha Balls or Kegel Ball.
• These balls are introduced into the vagina. You must then contract and relax the muscles several times to keep the ball inside.

Other solutions exist to remedy the problems of premature ejaculation or urinary incontinence.

Exercises against incontinence

Do you suffer from urinary incontinence? Have you heard of pelvic floor education techniques used for urinary incontinence? Find out what they are and how they can help relieve your urinary incontinence.

Pelvic Floor Education

The pelvic floor refers to the body part at the bottom of the pelvis and between the legs. The muscles that form the pelvic floor stretch from the pubic bone on the anterior to the coccyx on the posterior (the lower end of the spine). They create a band that supports the organs located in the pelvis – the uterus, the bladder and the intestine for women and the bladder and bowel for men.

The weakening of the pelvic floor muscles can promote the descent of the organs they support (this is called genital prolapse) and lead to various symptoms, including urinary incontinence. The weakening of these muscles may be due to pregnancy and childbirth, surgery on the prostate and ageing for both men and women.
Kegel exercises and incontinence are co-related. Training that increases the strength of the pelvic floor muscles using a technique popularly referred to as Kegel exercises has been found to be helpful in managing and, in some circumstances, prevent male and female urinary incontinence. In the case of urinary incontinence, make an appointment with your doctor; he could add Kegel exercises to your therapy. You could also try to practice these exercises on your own while waiting to visit your doctor – they are as comfortable as they are! Or you may visit for more info.

Locate the right muscles: You can train to contract the pelvic floor muscles by trying to stop or slow down the flow of urine you evacuate. When you succeed, you have identified the pelvic muscles that you need to increase strength, and you have just performed one of the Kegel exercises! But do not continue practising your Kegel exercises when your bladder is full, as it could be dangerous.

Another technique allows women explicitly to identify pelvic floor muscles. It is enough for them to introduce a finger in the vagina than to contract the neighbouring tissues. You will feel the vagina tighten while the pelvic floor will move vertically and then down when you relax which means that you have spotted the muscles that concern you, and in doing so you have practised one of the Kegel exercises. Men can learn from this technique, but they will insert a finger (lubricated) in their anus. If you can grip your finger, you have found the right muscles.

Start training your pelvic floor: after spotting the pelvic floor muscles, empty your bladder and find a comfortable position. Contract the pelvic floor muscles for 3 seconds then release for 3 seconds. Be careful not to hold your breath. You must breathe! Repeat the process of “contraction, waiting, relaxation” 10 times each session and plan three meetings per day. Over time, 3-second muscle contraction exercises will become easier, and you can last for up to 4 seconds at a time, alternating 4-second muscle contractions with 4-second relaxation pauses. The goal is to rotate contractions of 10 or 15 seconds with breaks of 10 or 15 seconds.

Until you see your doctor about your urinary incontinence or see how much you’ve invested in your successful exercises, you may want to use absorbent products that provide a certain level of well-being and the management of accidental leaks.

The effect of perfect lightning on chastity – is there a connection?

Chastity underwear: What is it and does it still exists

We are used to seeing in movies, television series and numerous historical novels scenes in which, during the Middle Ages, whenever a powerful man of the time went on a trip to participate in a war, in order to ensure the chastity of his wife and avoid that she could commit an act of infidelity, ordered to place a metal contraption in the form of a security brief that ensured the total impossibility of the woman to be penetrated sexually.

Was the ‘chastity belt’ really a medieval invention to avoid infidelities of the wives?

There are also those who indicate that this belt not only served to safeguard the honor of the husband who ordered placing it, but also was used as a way to prevent a rape in case of being attacked during the absence of the husband and even father, as there are some versions that indicate that those iron panties were also placed to the daughters in order to remain virgins until they reach the time of marriage.

But in reality, the concept of chastity belt as it has come to us through books, movies and television, is totally false (or rather, inaccurate) and is closer to being an urban legend than a fact real historical.

According to many researches and studies conducted by historians and experts in the middle Ages, there are hardly any reliable and real references written at the time to ensure that really jealous husbands or fearful parents forced the women of their family to place them when they went on a trip.

In the investigations, in which scientists have also participated, it has been shown that a person could not have worn one of those iron panties much more than two days in a row without it producing abrasions, chafing, multiple damages and even infections. Which would have caused countless diseases and, as a result, deaths, something that there is no record. We must also take into account the long duration of the battles that took place at that time, in which the soldiers who participated in them could throw themselves away for several months without returning to their homes.

Yes, there was a kind of metal panty during the middle Ages but it was placed as an instrument of torture when a prisoner or prisoner was wanted to punish him for a crime, because those contraptions compressed and caused terrible pain.

Myths Regarding the Chastity Underwear

The myth of the iron belt as a method of chastity emerged several centuries after the Middle Ages, in the period known as the Enlightenment (also called the Age of Enlightenment), in which from 1700 several intellectual currents emerged that wanted to blur many of the things that had taken place during the Middle Ages, creating around that time an infinity of urban legends that tried to demonstrate the nefarious and dark times that had been lived.

Many of the illustrations, treatises and references that we currently have on the chastity belts are dated from the eighteenth century, as well as the vast majority of these gadgets that are exhibited in some exhibitions and museums. Some of them are true, but not those related to chastity but not as an instrument of torture.
It should also be noted that modern versions of the chastity belts that are used during sadomasochistic practices are currently used.

Current believe on Chastity Underwear

One believed that these things no longer existed, or were only circumscribed to sexual practices linked to BDSM or to play ‘Dragons and dungeons’. However, it seems that some traditions resist disappearing and returning by their furrows, although not in their traditional form. In fact, to be strict, today’s post should have been called ‘chastity garters’ , because that is what the invention is about, but after all everything ends in the same and the belt is understand faster.

When we talk about this instrument of torture we all come to the head medieval knights going on a trip to the Holy Land, women locked in a tower, horse infections and intact honors. However, despite all the legends built around this invention, the really documented chastity belts date back to the 19th century and are related to the wave of puritanism that ravaged the West at that time. On occasion we have talked about gadgets created in the Victorian era aimed at pursuing masturbation or exacerbated eroticism. In this sense, the belts were just another instrument more designed to fight punctually the normal sexual drives of the human being. In fact, it can only be worn for a few hours, if you want to avoid infections, skin lacerations and other excesses. Some historians claim that the belts were actually born during the Renaissance and used by some women as an instrument of self-defense to avoid rapes, when they had to be in contact with troops or during a trip. At the moment of truth, the only specimens that have arrived until our days are not more than 200 years old, so everything else does not stop being mere literature or fantasy.

It is striking how in the 21st century there are still people who take into consideration this type of punishment devices to ensure the fidelity of their partner. Nobody think of locks, locks or keys. The new technologies also serve for something in the world of sexual repression. The last shout in this field consists of some garters with built-in chip, called ‘Gorgeous garters’, which can be purchased on the website. The chip detects the moisture of the skin and the acceleration of the heart rate, associated with any type of sexual activity, and sends a text message to the telephone of the husband or boyfriend of the alleged infidel, warning him that they are sticking. If the chastity garters are so sensitive that they also send a sms if the controlled person climbs some stairs or has to hit a little trick to avoid losing the meter. The league is impossible to remove if an automatic text message is not sent, with a secret code, so any distraction maneuver is useless.

Price of the Chastity Underwear

Depending on the model (silk or lace) ranges between 70 and 88 $. Because of the price, this is the best chastity cage as gift for Valentine’s day. The most worrying thing is that, on the website, they claim that the demand has been such that they currently have exhausted stocks. Learn more here about chastity devices price.


Finding the perfect lighting for prostate milking

The Prostate Massage: Partner of the Intimate Health of these gentlemen

At a not too distant time, in our countries, these gentlemen risked prison if they had the misfortune to dare to search the side of their anal intimacy. Sex experts did not joke with the pleasure of male buttocks. It is, fortunately, a bygone era, and we now see more and more men attracted by the erotic joys of prostate massage, regardless of their sexual orientation.

And the good news is that in addition to an exceptional pleasure that stops time, prostate massage also offers many benefits. And among the different virtues that this little anal getaway is capable of, here you will come across some that are directly related to the intimate health.

Some magical virtues of prostate massage

It opens: Prostate massage helps eliminate the accumulation of prostatic fluid (which is part of the sperm composition) in the prostate ducts, which can cause prostatitis, a very painful inflammation of the prostate.
It boasts: Prostate massage increases blood flow into the prostate, allowing the gland to produce seminal fluid. Also, the blood flow also helps to improve the erections of men experiencing some breakdowns.
He avoids the big head: Massage can help prevent “benign prostatic hypertrophy,” a benign tumour responsible for the enlargement of the prostate that can lead to difficulty urinating and urinary tract infections.
He avoids the pain: A regularly massaged prostate can prevent the appearance of painful ejaculations.
It prevents cancer: The message can participate in the proper functioning of the prostate, thus allowing, if not avoiding the prostate cancer, at least to reduce the risks.
It is right: The prostate massage is also capable of a rather seductive benefit: improve the intensity of ejaculation and make even more exceptional sexual pleasure! So can prostate milking prevent prostate related illness? Yes, a proper way of prostate milking or prostate massage keeps the prostate healthy and prevents disease.

A reminder of the different ways to massage the prostate

With the hand Or rather the finger: the prostate being located about 7cm after the anus, in the direction of the bladder, you must use at least your index finger. Sit in a comfortable and practical position: on the back, legs raised for example. The simplest remains that a partner comes to give you a “helping hand”. Once this small ball the size of a walnut spotted, it continues only to roll your phalanx on its slightly inflated surface gently.

With an accessory: If you want to put the odds on your side and make sure you do not miss the fun, opt for an expert prostate massager who will never lose his goal. It will also allow you to share some sweet moments of erotic fellowship, and always for the sake of your health!

With nothing else: The rectum is a first orifice that cannot be compared to the female vagina as it has an “aspirant” effect. If men always advise women with the greatest vigour to introduce various fruits, vegetables and other bizarre objects in their privacy, because of acute risks of accidents and infections, men’s violence is even higher on the side of the buttocks. Even a sex toy should enter only if it were designed for that that is to say with a security ring at the base that prevents it from being engulfed. If you are embarking on a crazy adventure equipped with a homemade object, nothing but the hospital is waiting for you.

The pleasure is at the bottom of things: It cannot be repeated enough: the prostate massage is a source of unique joy that is not reserved for homosexuals! It’s enough to be a man, a point that’s all. And to have a prostate, which is the case for most male individuals. Close to the feminine ecstasy in its progression, its duration and its magnitude, it is the grail of the joy, the culminating point of the masculine pleasure, the climax of the jouissance, all this at a distance of hardly three phalanges.

The benefits of prostate massage in one go

The prostate is a small, nut-sized gland located in the male reproductive system near the bladder. The primary function of the prostate is to secrete a fluid that helps to form the seminal fluid that carries the spermatozoa.
A prostate massage means all manual stimulations of the prostate gland area with the finger or the other devices. Prostate massages offer a variety of benefits, but it is essential to check with a doctor before experiencing this type of experience.

Many men do not know it, but treating the prostate with massage has many significant benefits for men of all ages. In general, these massages are performed, either for medical purposes or sexual reasons.
One of these benefits is improving the prostate status and reducing problems as well as pain in this gland. The prostate massage is thus a natural other to taking a pill, vitamin or dietary supplement. This is a considerable detail to remember because there are usually no harmful side effects regarding the treatment of the prostate by the message.

Always on a therapeutic level, this type of massage allows the increase of the urinary flow. Indeed, enlargement of the prostate gland is a cause of difficulty with the flow of urine. Reducing the pressure of fluids released during a prostate massage can help to get a urine flow that returns to normal.

Another considerable benefit resulting from a prostate massage is the pleasure. Many men appreciate the sensations and the ability to reach an orgasmic state of happiness through this type of massage. This phenomenon is more commonly known as an orgasm of the prostate and pleases a lot of men.

A prostate massage also helps to improve ejaculation. A message of the prostate can enhance the intensity of a man’s ejaculation. Many men claim to have exacerbated sexual experiences when the prostate is stimulated, and regular massages can create a real explosion for some men.

Numerous studies have also shown that regular prostate massages help to solve erectile dysfunction (ED) problems. It is also one of the most recommended treatments by doctors. For more information on prostate massagers, visit