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Yoni’s eggs: How it helps to detoxify your health

The egg will allow you to develop a tonic perineum. Today you can find training eggs from bovine, onyx and other stones. And to find them is quite simple – as a rule, they are always in stock at a nearby esoteric shop.

But the real yoni eggs made from the most genuine yoni is not so easy to find. And they are not training – they somehow suddenly quickly become loved and loved. There are reasons for this. After all, since ancient times in the east, yoni stone was characterized as purely female. And in our time, no matter what woman tastes yoni, she no longer returns to substitute stones. No mysticism – it’s all about vibrations! Natural vibrations generated by yoni are very close to those vibrations emitted by the lower women’s energy centers (chakras). A yoni egg, invited to the bosom of a woman, enters into a resonance with its own radiation, repeatedly amplifying it. This means that the energy of a woman’s thought increases, it is easier for her to attract the desired in her life, her female vibrations increase the fluid loop increases her efficiency. That is why women, who met in yoni, very quickly feel the difference and remain true to this particular stone.

What’s the point of having a toned perineum?

Taking care of this part of your body allows you to:

• Avoid urinary leakage
• Avoid organ descents
• Develop a good knowledge and awareness of her vagina and pelvis
• Improve oxygenation of tissues, increase blood circulation, energetic, lymphatic and hormonal
• Stimulate libido and awaken sexual energy
• Have better lubrication (the egg stimulates the Bartolin gland inside the vagina, which is ideal for post-menopausal women)
• Better control and manage penetration
• Have more fun during the penetration
• Increase your sexual pleasure and that of your partner
• Improve the emotional state thanks to the virtues of stone

And many more benefits that you will discover when using Yoni’s egg.

Who can enjoy Yoni Eggs?

For all women who want to regain their femininity, their vitality and their feminine power.

What is a Yoni egg?

The word Yoni in Sanskrit means the genital organ of the woman. He is also the symbol of the feminine energy called Shakti. Yoni egg is a stone egg; there are different sizes and different stones. This egg is to place in your vagina. The use of Yoni’s egg began as a secret practice that evolved in ancient China. The use of the egg was taught only in the royal palace to queens and concubines. Some think it was originally taught as a practice to please the king while making love. However, the benefits of the practice are much greater. People who regularly use the egg have seen an increase in vitality, sexual energy, and improved physical and spiritual health.

It may seem odd to introduce a stone egg into her vagina but it must be admitted, one feels physically, emotionally and energetically a change. Moreover, it is a visible change by others. They do not know what has changed but something is different. It’s pretty bluffing.

Taoism is the foundation of Chinese philosophy and medicine. Think about acupuncture, massage and herbal therapies. These practices allow balancing and increasing what they call Chi, which corresponds to the vital energy. This vital energy is known in many cultures. For example, it is called Prana in Ayurveda Indian medicine.

All over the world, slowly but surely, people are beginning to recognize this energy (energy that the Taoists have known for thousands of years). Western medicine has begun to recognize and confirm the benefits of the proper circulation of this vital energy in the body: regulation of hormones, activation of nerves and blood flow and stimulation of the immune system to stay healthy whatever our age and seasons!

One thing is certain; you do not need to become a Taoist master to enjoy the benefits and practice of this little magic egg. In fact, with a good basic understanding and a good mentality and intention, everyone can benefit.
From your first order you will receive an e-guide to know how to use and maintain it and much more.

The shape of the egg and its symbolism:

The egg is the first stage of life, the departure of the world, it looks like an egg. It symbolizes as follows:
• Fertility
• Life
• The Renaissance
• Protection

Last words: The biggest Yoni egg is smaller than the eggs in your fridge. They are smooth and pleasant to watch, a little heavy (about 90g for adults).

How to choose your first Yoni egg?

Choosing a Yoni Egg is a very difficult task but it depends on your personal preferences, experts says that each and every girl know there requirements very clearly. That said, if this is the first time you hear about Yoni’s eggs, you probably feel a little lost.

There are 3 sets of yoni eggs: big, medium and small, in Rose Quartz, or a varied 3 set of different stones. And if you only have to choose one, choose pink Quartz, large and pierced. It is an excellent choice for beginners.

It’s also great when you start choosing large pink Quartz and another way or big in another stone to experiment with different properties.

Which size to choose?

Yoni’s eggs are mainly of 3 sizes: large, medium and small.

• Large: 45 × 30 mm
• Medium: 40 x 25 mm
• Small: 30 x 20 mm

For the first practices with Yoni Egg, you must start with the average or the big size, it seems counter intuitive. If you are under 40 and have not had a child, you can start with one way. If you choose a big one then you will be able to tone your perineum even more thanks to the weight. For others, it is interesting to start with a big one. In a few weeks of practice (about 2) you will be able to use a medium. To be sure of your choice, just do a simple test:

• Get up
• Swipe your Yoni and contract
• If your finger feels the contraction then it is that your perineum is toned, you can start with a way; if not, start with a big one.

Your size does not matter in choosing the size, no matter how big or small you are.

Why start most of the time with a big one?

The practice with the biggest egg allows to feel it well and thus to work our sensitivity and our “dexterity” at the level of Yoni, our sacred cave. Then we can begin to reduce the size of the egg because the perineum is more and more toned and you know better and better this part of the body. The bigger the egg, the heavier it is, so it becomes harder to keep it for long periods of time except at rest, at night for example. It’s a process of yoni egg detox.

If you cannot keep the egg at the beginning, do not be discouraged, it’s quite normal for beginners – start practicing sitting down and doing perennial toning exercises for a few minutes when you buy seller offer you an e-Guide to start the practice of Yoni’s Egg. If despite these tips you do not know how big to start, the best is to choose a set of 3 different sized eggs. With a set, you can start with a big egg and gradually reduce the size, or try different sizes on different days.