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Bright Lights May Make Men More In The Mood For Sex, Study Finds

If your sex routine usually involves going at it at the end of the day, here’s one simple way to change it up that doesn’t involve going out of your comfort zone — try having sex first thing in the morning. As a new study found, exposure to light helps boost men’s levels of testosterone and increases their levels of sexual satisfaction.

“Light box therapy has been used now for decades to treat things like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS),” Dawn Maslar MS, author of Men Chase, Women Choose: The Neuroscience of Meeting, Dating, Losing Your Mind, and Finding True Love tells Bustle.

According to Maslar, light box therapy lowers melatonin which is elevated with SAD. Melatonin also has an effect on testosterone and suppresses the luteinizing hormone which stimulates the production of testosterone. “Therefore, it would make sense that if you lowered melatonin you would get more testosterone,” Maslar says. “The combination of lowered melatonin levels and higher testosterone levels would cause a guy to be more alert, happy and sexually desirous.”

According to the researchers, this study could also help explain why reproductive rates peak in June. According to the study, “the body’s testosterone production naturally declines from November through April, and then rises steadily through the spring and summer with a peak in October.”

A study released last year found women prefer to have sex around 11 at night, while men want it around eight in the morning. According to Maslar, men are more likely to want sex in the morning because his testosterone level is highest in the morning and slowly drops as the day goes on. “He would have more sexual aggression, desire and stamina in the morning,” Maslar says.

Whether changing up the time of day will do wonders for your sex life, it’s really hard to say. Everyone’s different. But it couldn’t hurt to give it a try if your partner has a low sex drive.

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Reasons You Should Be Having A LOT More Morning Sex

Only having sex at night is like only having sex in your bed or only having sex if the lights are off. Yeah, I’ll say it — boring. But getting it on in the a.m. isn’t just a way to break out of your sex routine, it actually has a ton of physical and emotional benefits. So, stop hitting snooze and spend those 20 extra minutes hitting it instead.

1. Because, seriously people, what better way to start the day? If what you do at the beginning of your day sets the tone for the rest of it, then having an orgasm is pretty much the best possible way to usher in another 24 hours of life. According to one study, having sex in the morning can make you feel upbeat for the rest of the day. “Having sex in the morning releases also oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone,” says sexpert Emily Morse. “Oxytocin makes you feel more connected with your partner and more loved. These warm feelings will stay with you throughout the day, or at least throughout the morning commute.”

2. Because you have an excuse to be lazy (and have bad breath). If you’re too tired to get on top (or get it on at all) at night, you’re a sloth. If you’re too tired to hop on in the morning, that’s reasonable because you’re still half-asleep, maybe waking from a dream where Ryan Gosling took his shirt of just for you. Plus, you can be at your grossest — eye boogers, stank breath, smelly from night sweats — and it’s fine because you just woke up. Just do doggie style or spooning positions, suggests sexologist Megan Stubbs, Ed.D., to keep the aforementioned offences at bay on both sides.

3. Because it allows you to stay in bed just a little longer. Can’t argue with that.

4. Because then you won’t feel bad being too tired for sex at the end of the day. For those of us in long-term relationships, sex —no matter how mind-blowing — tends to fall to the bottom of one’s list of to-dos, right after “catch up on Boardwalk Empire” and “stare at wall.” Getting it on in the morning gets your sexytime out of the way so you won’t feel guilty or lame for not humping before bed.

5. Because it won’t actually make you late for work. You and your partner probably want to shower anyway, so cut down on time by showering together and get dirty (whaaaaaat) before you get clean. “For the best water sex position, bend over while he enters from behind,” Morse says. Avoid slipping and falling by holding onto a wall or shower door.

6. Because swallowing allegedly cures morning sickness. This is somewhat dubious research, but some professor from SUNY-Albany claims that sweet, delicate taste of sperm helps ease pregnant women’s desire to vomit first thing in the a.m. Or you could just be like, “I’m pregnant, you do me,” and be done with it.

7. Because it keeps you healthy. According to research, morning sex can actually strengthen your immune system by boosting your levels of IgA, an antibody that protects against infection.

8. Because he’ll last longer. Stubbs says that men’s testosterone levels are highest in the morning after guys have recharged with hours of sleep. Which means that not only will your man be at his horniest when he wakes up but he’ll be less likely to fall prey to the ol’ one-minute-man syndrome. As sex therapist Arlene Goldman, Ph.D., has said, “When a man has higher testosterone and is well-rested, he has more energy during sex. That energy will help him last longer.” So you can be lazy, he can do all the work.

9. Because everyone is doing it. Okay, not everyone but a solid 34 percent of people prefer to make love in the morning than any other time, according to one poll. Probably that percentage of women bought wedge sneakers over th last year, you know?

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Sex Requires a Physical, & Emotional Environment

Contrary to the euphoria of how really good sex makes us feel, we do not make love in mid-air. Sex happens in a location; in an environment. We’ll examine three environments that are important to consider for cultivating a healthy sex life: (1) physical environment, and (2) emotional environment.

Physical Environment

First, a couple should consider the physical environment in which they make love. What follows is not a prescription, but a list of things that are important to many people; things you should discuss with your spouse to learn how important they are to him/her and consider as you cultivate your expectations and fantasies about marital sex.

  • Privacy – An important part of energetic sex is being comfortable being naked. The fear of being seen by someone else or walked in upon by children can be a strong inhibitor to playful sex. Knowing and honoring how important this is to your spouse is essential to being a good lover.
  • Cleanliness – Sex is messy; body fluids are involved. Having a washcloth available to account for this is important to be able to not rush the afterglow part of sex. Our bodies are not always “fresh;” we get stale (or worse) throughout the day. Being      clean, smelling good, and non-bristly on the face or legs can be an important part of removing environmental distractions from enjoying each other.
  • Comfort – Sex requires bodies to move on their knees, backs, stomachs, and sides. If the environment is not right this can make the movements of sex painful or difficult. Freedom from thinking about these kinds of things is important for the desired release and euphoria of sex. Make sure your love-making environment sets you up to succeed in this way.
  • Ambiance – This is where you can be creative as you continue to learn and romance your spouse. What is arousing for your spouse? Candles. Scents. Clothing. Location. How many things are you aware of that would make a particular sexual encounter “more special” for your spouse? Most of your answers will probably take five minutes or less.

 Emotional Environment

Second, a couple should consider the emotional environment in which they make love. We do not engage a highly personal and emotional activity like sex in an exclusively physical environment. It is not just our bodies that are uniting as we become “one flesh” but also our souls. Sex that does not consider its emotional environment assumes people are not different from animals and sex is just for reproduction or personal fulfillment.

  • Conflict – Romance and conflict are two sides of the same coin; both reveal what is most important to us. For more on this, visit bradhambrick.com/romanticconflict. A couple that can maturely discuss when their “most important things” are in conflict, is greatly aiding (not just protecting) their sex life. A couple that gives into immaturity in these moments is sabotaging their sex life.

“More often, however, the female counterpart to grabbing is needing control. Making love with clothes on can be hampered by always wanting exactly the right time and place (p. 127).” Doug Rosenau in A Celebration of Sex

“You see, what we expressed towards our wives and how we behave towards our wives in the days and hours before we make love is actually far more important than what we do when the clothes come off (p. 58).” C. J. Mahaney in Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God

  • Areas of Neglect – Unkept promises and unfulfilled responsibilities contribute to the sense that sex is merely recreation instead of a celebration. We celebrate hard work towards an outcome that was mutually invested in (i.e., 10 year anniversary). When this mutual hard work is absent or unreliable, then sex becomes about merely the sensations instead of the relationship. The more committed or dependable spouse begins to feel used.
  • Insecurities – The person who should know you better than anyone else is your spouse; this knowing includes both your strengths and weaknesses. This is what is great and awkward about marital sex – the person loving you, knows you. Whether the two of you openly discuss your insecurities, encourage one another, and put these areas into perspective for each other will go a long ways towards determining the quality of your sex life. These conversations are not always thought of as “romantic” but they are vital to romance.

“Arousal is dependent on feeling safe and inviting vulnerability (p. 71).” Doug Rosenau in A Celebration of Sex

  • Personal Challenges – Couples should be intimate when life is going well and when life is hard. There will be seasons when couples abstain from sex to pray for a hard season (I Corinthians 7:5) or because of physical injury. But a couple needs to learn how to effectively care for another emotionally during hard times. This protects the emotional climate of the marriage during these seasons and allows sex to carry the connotation of comfort and support as much as passion and romance.
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Perfect Setting Helps You Achieve Perfect Sex

If you want to see the nude lady on the bad, then you will have to install the perfect lights in the room. With the help of perfect lighting system, you can create the huge impact on the mood. According to professionals, there is the strong connection between natural light and sex. Most of the women’s prefer sex without any lights. But mature women know that man always want to see her body.

However, if your women are asking requesting from you to lights off before going into the bed, then you will have to give her confidence. You can start all things with a perfect lighting system and porn videos as well. A man has enough knowledge that is expert in fulfilling her fantasies. It is one of the fantastic feelings ever where you can forget all your problems and other things as well.

You should keep reading the article and understand how to build a perfect environment for sex.

Invest some bucks

Before inviting your partner for sex, you should invest some bucks in the lighting. You should grab the perfect lights in your room. Like, you will have to change everything in the room. It doesn’t matter where you are doing the sex, but you needed Perfect lighting for sex enthusiast site where you can see all parts.

Give the blowjob

No doubt most of the woman’s prefer oral sex over other ones. Therefore, you should start the romance and after that start the oral sex. With the help of oral sex, you can give enough blissful sensations to her.

Before starting the blowjob, you will have to obtain a lot of important things like a vibrator, warm water, and honey as well. Add one spoon of honey to the tongue, and you should lick his dick.

Invest some scents in the bedroom

It would be better to add some things to the bedroom. You can add following things in the bedroom

  • The lock is one of the important things; you should add a lock to the room.

  • Add some quality curtains in the room.

  • Keep your phone switch off and invest some fragrances in the room

You should read the entire article and choose the Perfect lighting for sex enthusiast site.

Why sex sofas should se part of Your Home

Have you ever considered buying a sex sofa for home? They can be a marvelous addition to your home, and they make sex so much better. Here is all you need to know about this type of furniture and why you should buy sex sofas as soon as possible. 

Sex Sofa

Probably the first question on your mind is what is sex sofa. And that’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask. A sex sofa is a piece of furniture that belongs in the erotic furniture category. No, this doesn’t mean the sofa itself is erotic, nor that you will have sex with it at any point of the story. 


Instead, any piece of sex furniture is designed to help you have sex. Or rather, to have better sex. So, no. A sex chair won’t be your wingman. A perfect example of sex furniture is sex swings. These models usually have shapes that will allow you and your partner to explore different positions, and using them can be so much fun.


Of course, there are other models that aren’t as versatile, like spanking benches and devices for bondage. But if you are looking for a way to breathe new life into your living room and furniture that will help you enjoy sex more, this is the way to go. 

They Improve Your Sex Experience

The next question we should address is how sex sofas will improve the entire experience. There are a few ways this piece of furniture will make a difference in your sex life. Firstly, it opens a wide range of possibilities for you to try. Since sex sofas and chairs are designed for intercourse, it will be easier for you to explore different sex positions


At the same time, the very fact you own it will make you feel great. It will be a huge boost to your self-esteem, and it will allow you to experience sex like never before. Buying a sex sofa is an excellent way to spice things up in your relationship. If you and your partner are looking for ways to add a bit of change to your sex lives and make a step further away from vanilla, making a change to your furniture can be a perfect choice. 

They Make Sex Easier

The most obvious thing we should point out is that sex furniture is designed for one purpose — sex. You can experiment with different positions since the shape and design of the furniture allows penetrative sex. While it might seem like an insignificant difference, you would be surprised how better sex can be when you use appropriate equipment. 


You can easily satisfy your partner in every position, the furniture allows deeper penetration, and you will have more access to hold your partner’s body. It is a dream come true for anyone looking for ways to improve their naughty sessions. 


Many people notice that having the same old routine can get dull. But it doesn’t have to be. One of the things you will notice is that owning a sex sofa will change the way you feel about sex. It is kinky, and it is one of many ways to make sex even better. 

Sex Sofas Provide Comfort

With their unique designs, sex sofas can be so much more. Yes, they are excellent when you want to have fun with your partner, but even when the session is over, you can still enjoy using them. The comfort they offer is out of this world. This means that it is also an excellent place for relaxation. 

There is enough space on them for both you and your partner, and you can watch TV, cuddle, or do anything else you two enjoy doing. You can also choose between different materials and designs. Faux leather or PVC flocking is a great choice, but there are other options as well. 


Ideally, you will find something that you can clean with ease since sex can get quite messy. But at the same time, you want a sofa you can use even after sex. Try to find a perfect combination of comfort and usability.

Sex Sofas Aren’t for Sex Only

While the primary goal of these sofas is to improve intercourse, they can be so much more. More importantly, they are explicit or revealing. It’s not like you placed a sex swing in the middle of your living room. 


Other types of accessories used for sex usually need to be away from prying eyes. But this is a sofa like any other. Your guests might even think that it is a modernis piece of furniture since there is nothing about them that screams “sex.” 


They can be a nice way to introduce a change to your sex life, but also your everyday activities. Once you realize how comfortable they are, you can do anything you want with them. There are many models that aren’t erotic on their own, which means that you won’t need to hide the sofa before your guests arrive.

Lights On or Off: The Pros and Cons

When it comes to sex, we all have unique preferences and ideas about how it should work. Some like it this way, while others love it that way. It’s all personal, and there’s no point in arguing. Still, isn’t it interesting how half of your friends say they think it’s best to have intercourse in a fully lit room while the rest argue the opposite? Well, let’s explore the pros and cons of a sex life with and without lights.

Does It Really Matter?

Some might find this topic a bit nit-picky and would rather talk about positions, role-playing, and other sex ideas. But in our eyes, this is an interesting debate that’s well worth exploring. We agree that it comes down to the same thing in the end as having sex is great on its own, but hear us out, will you?


When you think about perfect sex, do you see it in a brightly lit room or some dark, seductive place? Is it more enticing with sunlight coming through the window or in darkness, under the veil of moonlight? Interestingly enough, a recent study has shown that people are split almost equally regarding these two ways of making sweet love.

Around 60% of people prefer seeing every little detail. In their eyes, sex isn’t something you should hide, and being able to remember every part of your lover’s body is what it’s all about. On the other hand, 40% of us like the darkness more. Since this is so polarizing, let’s list the pros and cons of both sides.

Lights Off

The Pros

The biggest pro of doing it in the dark is sensory deprivation. Do you know how some people enjoy blindfolding their partners during sex? Well, sensory deprivation is not some Bird Box obscure fetish — it’s all about letting go of your eyesight to enhance your other senses, such as taste and touch. It’s pretty common in temperature play, but that’s a whole other story.

On the other hand, it also helps ease insecurities about how your body looks. It’s not uncommon for people to avoid taking their clothes off in front of others because they think they’re either overweight or have a nasty scar. But if you keep your body out of the spotlight, you can forget about self-doubt and relax.


Even if it might sound funny, we sometimes don’t realize how unattractive the person we’re sleeping with is until the morning. This, of course, goes for people who’re picking up partners in clubs and bars. Lights can’t help you keep your beer goggles on.

The Cons

Although it might seem funny to some, it’s hard to find your condoms if there’s no light in the room. Searching your bag, pants, or drawers will take time, and you risk getting your partner and yourself out of the mood. Furthermore, if you do find them, the guy might slip his penis into a wrong hole. And no, we’re not exaggerating. These things can happen.


Another negative is that you might disregard where the body fluids end up in the heat of the moment. The man might spill his load somewhere where it’s not meant to end up, ruining your perfect sexual fantasy up to that point.


Finally, eye contact will be missing. Without it, you won’t know whether the other one is having a good time or not. This will only lead to anxiety and unfulfilled desires as well as a lack of overall satisfaction.

Lights On

The Pros

We can come up with a few pros of the lights on, but one of them is certainly above the others. Having sex in a brightly lit room allows you to see things that turn you on about your partner clearly. It helps you with arousal while also making things easier, no matter if you’re doing something kinky or plain.

Young happy couple in bed at home

In other words, you get the front seat view. If you’re into sex toys, being able to see what you’re doing is essential. Also, unconventional sex positions become comfier to pull off as you’ll be able to maneuver without stepping onto each other. It’s important for sex to feel good, and if lights mean that — use them.

The Cons

The first negative that comes to mind is being uncomfortable with your body. The lights allow your partner to “inspect” your body, and you might not like that. The same goes for you as you might find their parts unpleasant to look at. Bright lights tend to make us look worse than we are; therefore, they can lower our libidos.


On the other side, your partner just might have bad taste in lighting. You know, fluorescent and neon stuff that can make your eyes pop out. Also, your neighbors might see everything. Sure, this isn’t a problem for some, but let’s be honest here. You’re not putting on a show for the public, right? Sometimes, it’s best to keep things discrete.

Extra Large Butt Plugs For Extra Pleasure

The butt plug is an exquisite intimate toy for anal pleasure. This sex toy tempts you and you plan to buy one? Here is some information about the different models and sizes of anal plugs, and what you need to pay attention to when purchasing. We also explain how to use an anal plug.

What is an anal plug?

An anal plug is a sex toy that completely fills the anus. With this intimate toy, you have the feeling of a ‘filled’ orifice. The butt plug has a specific shape which ends in a very wide base. You can perfectly leave this toy in place during intercourse or even when you go out. This base indeed blocks the plug to prevent it from ‘disappearing’ entirely in the anus.

The anal plug provides men with additional stimulation in the prostate (and therefore an intense erotic sensation). In women, the plug provides stronger stimulation of the clitoris.

How to use an anal plug?

The answer to this question is simple and quick: just insert the anal plug into the anus. Use enough lubricant for smooth introduction. There are anal relaxing lubricants with an insensitizing effect. The anus is very sensitive and before going into penetration, it is important to first stimulate the anal area (for example using your fingers or a vibrating toy). Take your time and make sure the anus is completely relaxed before inserting the plug.

Some people use an anal plug during love to feel an extra sensation. Others use it as preliminaries before another anal penetration by a penis, a fist or a strap-on for example. Still others use the anal plug when they come out and therefore leave it inserted for a long time. So determine beforehand the use you will make of this sex toy before buying one.


There are extra large butt plugs with a round, long and thin shape. These models are perfect for the most novice user and provide that ‘full’ orifice feeling that most people are looking for as an erotic experience. You will also find extra large butt plugs at the slightly curved top. These models are ideal for intensely stimulating the prostate. To view more various shapes and sizes, you can check out lovegasm.

Choose an extra large butt plug

Are you new and want to experience the extra large butt plug for the first time? It is therefore wiser to start with a small, thin and smooth model. Pay attention to the length and diameter, to avoid choosing a plug that is small but very wide (and possibly painful). If you already have experience, you can of course vary the sizes, textures and materials.

Textures and materials

Before you start buying an extra large butt plug, it is always useful to know the different materials that exist. Here’s some informations.

Beginner extra large butt plug sets

For those who want to vary the pleasures or who are looking for new challenges, there are special sets of extra large butt plugs for beginners. These sets often contain different extra large butt plugs, lubricant and sometimes also a vibrator and sleeves for endless experiments. These boxes are suitable for men and women. An ideal solution for couples who want a first anal experience.

Choose the beginner set of extra large butt plugs if you are looking for:

  • anal stimulation.
  • a toy for couples.
  • very varied pleasures.
  • an intense and full sensation.

Vibrating extra large butt plug

The vibrating models exist in different materials (most in silicone) and can offer several modes of vibration. The majority operate on batteries, some are controlled by remote control.

Choose the vibrating extra large butt plug if you are looking for:

  • anal stimulation.
  • a fully vibrating plug.
  • a hygienic toy.
  • an intense erotic sensation.

Black silicone extra large butt plug set

A silicone extra large butt plug has a soft feel and is flexible. This material is easy and quick to clean and is safe to use. The silicone plug is suitable for both novice and experienced users.

Choose the silicone extra large butt plug if you are looking for:

  • a flexible material.
  • anal stimulation.
  • a hygienic toy.
  • an intense erotic sensation.

Metal extra large butt plug

A metal extra large butt plug is heat-sensitive and quite heavy. When inserted, the metal is often cold, which gives an intense erotic sensation. During use, the plug heats up quickly. Thanks to its weight, this sex toy gives you a good feeling of pressure, also ensuring intense stimulation. The pleasure is therefore twice as strong with a heavy and cold metal plug. The metal is well suited for somewhat experienced users.

Choose the metal extra large butt plug if you are looking for:

  • twice the pleasure.
  • anal stimulation.
  • a hygienic toy.

Textured butt plug

Ribbed, beaded and other texture extra large butt plugs provide stronger stimulation during use. The anus is then even more tickled and you feel an erotic, intense and full sensation. The textured butt plug is more for experienced users.

Choose the textured extra large butt plug if you are looking for:

  • anal stimulation.
  • different stimulation.
  • an intense and full sensation.

Inflatable butt plug

It is a sensational extra large butt plug and ideal for both beginners and experienced users. Thanks to the pump (or the pear), you inflate the plug (inserted) to the desired diameter. You therefore always have the possibility of going further.

Choose the inflatable butt plug if you are looking for:

  • anal stimulation.
  • variable diameter.
  • an intense and full sensation.

Anal lubricant

Use a good lubricant for anal sex. We advise you to choose an anal lubricant. For example, you can combine your butt plug with a water-based lubricant.

Anal relaxants

You can also use a product that will help you relax the anus. This will prevent a possible painful or unpleasant sensation. There are therefore insensitizing lubricants, relaxing gels and sprays, etc. Most of these products are water-based, so they are perfectly compatible with condoms.

Rabbit vibrators and the perfect lighting

What the rabbit vibrator offers more than other sex toys

The best rabbit vibrators, popularised by the current generation lovers, meet a huge success right now! What makes it different from other vibrators?

The king of sex toys

Also known as “Rabbit vibrator”, the rabbit vibrator records the best sales in the erotic accessories market. What does this success mean to you?

More intense sensations

This vibrator provokes all your senses through its simultaneous actions that excite all the erogenous zones of your intimacy for intense orgasms guaranteed! More exciting than fireworks, these can be given as gift vibrators for New Year and all other occasions.

Double / triple action stimulation

It combines vibration and rotation for delicious sensations that will make you climb the curtains for sure! It is designed to allow vaginal, clitoral and even anal stimulation – on some models – simultaneous with adjustable vibratory speeds and modes. The rabbit vibrator combines and increases the pleasure of a traditional dildo and a clitoral vibrator in one easy-to-use device.

Internal and external vibrations at controllable speed

The phallic body of the rabbit vibrator is equipped with rotating beads that rotate the glans in both directions while vibrating, offering greater amplitude and power to the caresses. Its curve, thought to stimulate the G-spot, perfectly matches the woman’s anatomy. You can control the speed of each function: increase the strength of the external vibrations only to intensify the clitoral stimulation or the opposite or both at the same time, to find the rhythm that suits you.

The different kinds of rabbit vibrators

There are many models of Rabbit vibrators, depending on size, colour and vibratory modes. There is something for every taste and budget! Among other things, the classic model is recognisable by its transparent phallic body that makes visible the rotating balls.

Some are fancier with flashing lights and original shapes, while others are more realistic with a nude colour and salient blood vessels. There are also models that vibrate to the rhythm of the music, which offer a dozen vibratory modes, which are equipped with a remote control or even resistant to water. Finally, the latest innovation is the addition of anal rotator at the back of the vibrator for multiple penetrations (vagina, clitoris, anal area). Called “Triple Rabbit”, this model offers an unparalleled experience!

How to choose your rabbit vibrator?

Buy a model with several speeds and modes of vibration for a use adapted to your tastes; Think about the size of the phallic body, which varies between 2.5 to 4.5 cm. Indeed, it would be a shame not to use it because it is too big and does you more harm than good. Similarly, if it’s too small for your taste, you may be disappointed although there is little chance that this happens given the multifunctionality of this vibrator. It is above all a matter of preference and personal choice; Favor vibrators made of soft silicone or elastomer (without phthalates). They are hypoallergenic and therefore safer; Ideally, opt for the rabbit vibrator that offers the most choice of pulse and pulsating modes on external stimulators.

Usage tips

• Penetration is always better when the vibrator is lubricated. Remember to put on the holes so that it can slide perfectly;
• Use only a lubricant suitable for silicone sex toys;
• Do not bring your vibrator under the shower or into your bath if it does not entirely resist water (submersible models);
• Always thoroughly clean with a disinfectant provided for this purpose after each use.

The “Rabbit” tempts you? Choose your first rabbit vibrator in the online store!

Rampant Bunny – Preferred Vibrator of Women

Surely you have heard wonders about the wild bunny. It is a vibrator designed for and by women that seek to elevate their pleasure to unimaginable heights. The engineering in this field is surpassed every day more, and the different models are happening, perfecting each day more this toy that enjoys more and more popularity.

The study and the knowledge of the feminine anatomy and its pleasure are more and deeper, and this causes that they go away designing more and more complex models every day that surely will make of your intimate moments a pure delight.

What is a wild bunny?

A wild bunny is a vibrator that combines vaginal stimulation and clitoral stimulation. It is called wild bunny because of its shape since it consists of two different parts; one larger than the other, similar to a standing rabbit.

The larger section is for vaginal stimulation through penetration and consists of own vibration patterns, designed to stimulate the vagina in its entirety. The smaller section is the part intended to encourage the clitoris, is not intended for penetration, but to stimulate the clitoris by contact. This section also consists of different vibration modes, designed for clitoral stimulation.

How do you use a wild bunny?

It is somewhat more complicated to use than a classic vibrator since at least it will be equipped with two independent controls to control the vibration, one for each section of the vibrator. Usually, the vibration patterns tend to be softer and simpler at the beginning and as they alternate, the intensity and richness of the vibrations increases. The first few times you should familiarise yourself with this toy, but be sure that very soon you will recognise those patterns that you like the most and you will learn to alternate them sublimely. Do not forget to use a little lubricant at the beginning, especially if there is not enough natural lubrication. It is preferable that this lubricant is water-based because they are very respectful lubricants with toys.

Types of rampant bunny

A classic violent rabbit has an independent motor in each section, central body and arm for the clitoris. But as we have already advanced, the industry of this toy has advanced a lot, and unknown functions have been added. Here are the types of complementary roles you can find:

1. With clitoris suction:

In this type of vibrators, the part destined to stimulate the clitoris does it through the mechanism of suction. Many women find the sensation of suction on their clitoris very stimulating, and for this reason, the latest generation clitoral vibrators have focused on contactless suction, and it has been a revolution.
It is recommended to activate the stimulation with suction when the excitation is already somewhat higher to avoid unpleasant sensations. You must not forget that the clitoris of women is an incredible but extremely demanding organ. It is something that you can only know if you try it, but expert encourages you because with this type of bunnies you have assured an intense orgasm.

2. With rotating pearls:

This type of bunnies contains a set of revolving gems that perform an exciting massage inside the vagina. As a rule, this type of vibrators consists of three control buttons since one of them is intended for the rotation of the beads. You can choose and alternate the speed and direction of rotation of the pearls. With this precise internal mechanism, you have guaranteed the G-spot stimulation since it generates massaging waves throughout your vagina that will be highly addictive.

3. With pulsation:

This bunny is a novelty since it incorporates a mechanism by impulse with what pretends to simulate the vagina in the intercourse, with very satisfactory rhythmic blows that will make you be a devoted fan of this toy. Close your eyes and experience the feeling of being stimulated with your hands-free.

4. With rotary axis:

The point G of the woman is very sensitive to pressure, and this is the best way to stimulate it. For this, these bunnies have been designed with a rotating head that ensures a perfect stimulation of this point.

5. With anal and vaginal stimulation:

There are bunnies designed for a triple stimulation, that is why instead of presenting two sections present three, and this third is usually a string of balls to enter the anus, and thus have an even more complete stimulation.

Things to keep in mind when buying your rampant rabbit

In addition to taking into account the stimulating possibilities of your toy, there are other things you should also keep in mind before buying your playmate

Size: It is essential that you feel comfortable with the size because when it comes to handling it and touching it is imperative that you do not regret it.

Material: There are many materials, although the most common are gelatin and silicone. The gelatin has a very soft and pleasant touch but has the drawback that it is a porous material and tends more to the accumulation of bacteria that could lead to gynaecological problems. If you decide on a gelatin toy, it is essential that the cleaning be thorough, with soap and water and with a toy cleaner afterwards. The toy cleaner will disinfect and guarantee total hygiene in the gelatin. Another small drawback of gelatin is that it degrades more quickly and has a shorter life than another toy from another material.

The silicone is soft and pleasant as well and does not have the disadvantages of gelatin, as it is enough to clean with soap and water to ensure complete hygiene. The drawbacks that we can find are that it is a somewhat more expensive material and the vibrations spread less intensely. In any case, this last problem has been solved by most toy manufacturers.

Dildos are sexier with the perfect light

How to choose the best dildo for your Secret Fantasies

In modern sex shops thousands of models of phalluses. How to select the best for your pleasure? What models are most popular today, and what should you look for at the time of purchase?

Dildo selection approach

To buy the largest dildos for yourself or a partner, you need to figure out which sex toys are available. Dildos differ in shape, size, and material. For more information about the species and not to make a mistake when buying, answer a few questions:

For what purpose will the phallus be used? For vaginal or anal sex: Maybe for fisting or double penetration? For example, for anal sex, you need a model with a depth limiter. It will not allow the device to enter too deep. Any model is suitable for vaginal sex, but for double penetration, it is better to buy a two-headed phallus.

What size would you like to try? Some people dream of giants. They are interested in a great length and diameter. But there are those who understand that they can accommodate only a certain amount. It is necessary to think in advance what size will be optimal. For anal sex is recommended to choose a thinner phallus, so as not to injure the body.

Is there a desire for something unusual? You can buy a phallus that copies the penis of a famous porn actor. This is a particular fetish, which makes the use of sex toys more fun. And you can buy the phallus of some animal. Zoo-erotica allows you to feel inside the bodies of these and fictional characters. Sex with such objects turns into an exciting game.

Is it worth freeing up your hands? At the base of the phallus often place the suction cup. This addition is necessary for fixing the toy on some surface. This is very convenient during masturbation because then you can sit down on the phallus. In double sex, the sucker is used very rarely, and it is not always worth overpaying for it.

How much time is willing to spend on caring for the best dildo? Gentle realities are very pleasant to the touch, and they are almost impossible to distinguish from human skin. They quickly take on ambient temperature. But they are very demanding in care. Storing them in talc is necessary. Products made of silicone or PVC, rinse in water and put in a separate cover. If there is no time to wash, choose glass, it can be cleaned even in the dishwasher.

How old are you buying a dildo? The shelf life of sex toys is not limited, but in practice, they do not last forever. Surface realistic loses its tenderness after 1-2 years. Silicone or gel can serve up to 5 years. But metal or glass is almost eternal. They are challenging to spoil, with time the surface remains perfect. If you often change toys, choose softer and more delicate materials. If you are attached to sex objects, then the hardest phalluses are perfect for you.

Best large dildos at online stores

Online stores have been working in America for over 15 years. During this time, thousands of dildos were sold. And their customers have identified the best models of the phallus for a variety of parameters.

Stimulator Bouncer from Fun Factory

Silicone phallus not only gently enters the body but also pleasantly massages the walls. Inside it is placed three balls that roll when moving, creating the sensation of light vibration. And the faster the movement, the more intense they are felt. Bouncer formed from the highest quality material. It is resilient, but not rigid. It is suitable for both anal and vaginal sex. Today it is one of the best phalluses with special effects.

Dildo Colors Pleasures

Bright series of dildos attracts a lot of attention. The manufacturer has created devices of incredible colours and made them from high-quality silicone. They look realistic, traced even small details. There is a head, scrotum and even relief on the trunk and the advantage is a reliable sucker at the base, so the application is possible without hands. The series includes phalluses of 4 colours, and you can choose your size – 5.7 or 8 inches, and this is 13, 19 and 20 cm with a suction cup.

8 ” Dual-layered Silicone Dildo

The two-layer silicone phallus is flexible, but an elastic model. Inside is a hard layer of silicone, and it keeps its shape. Outside is a very delicate material that looks like human skin. This dildo is the best, because it does not require special care, but it is realistic. Slightly curved trunk allows you to massage the point G when it penetrates the female bosom. And the phallus is suitable for anal caresses. At the base of the sucker, which captures sex toy on any flat surface?

Ultra Realistic Cock 6 UR3 – Realistic

The ultra-realistic phallus is from the American company Doc Johnson. It feels like an ordinary man’s penis: delicate, flexible and warm. The unique material of the UR3 Company has been developed over the years for such sex toys to delight their owners. Its size is medium: 16 cm long, 4 cm in diameter. The scrotum is made at the base, and there is a suction cup to make it comfortable to use. Secure sex toy can be on any flat surface. This is one of the best realists on the market.

Dildoing dildo – hard giant

It is a transparent dildo of considerable size. It is 18 cm long and 6.5 cm in diameter. It looks beautiful, but sometimes frightening because of its size. It is made from high-quality gel, quite elastic to the touch. Almost does not bend, therefore, suitable for all kinds of caresses. This “baby” can fill every hole. The seal in the base allows you to apply for anal sex, but you should only try lovers of substantial expansion. The material is elastic, has no unpleasant smell, easy to clean, does not require special storage conditions.

Double Mini Dong Twin Head Lavender Stimulator – for double pleasure

Bilateral dildo created for double penetration. The curved shape allows you to penetrate two holes simultaneously. The base is flexible, agile, but it will not work out completely to unseat a sex toy. Beautiful pink colour pleases the eye. The diameter of one head is smaller than the other. The form is ideal for achieving bright female orgasms. It is suitable for masturbation, and for games in pairs. The toy is perfect for those who are first trying to double caress because it is impossible to immerse the toy too deep. The total length of it is 30 cm. And the main plus model at a great price.

Sex on the furniture with the perfect light

Why furniture and small sexy furniture is so popular among couples?

Surely the vast majority of mortals had their first three-in-one at a young age, more likely when they discovered their sexuality, and it consisted of the protagonist, his partner and a car, which is a moving bed.

With the sexy furniture, practice the poses of Kama sutra easily

Contrary to popular belief that sex is uncomfortable in a utility, and even inspired the lyrics of a song, it has some interesting features that must be considered and that the bed, sacred space eroticism, flat and often without headboards, awnings or frames of any kind to hold, if necessary, is not the best place in the world to start applying Kama sutra.

Filmography example of eroticism and sexy furniture

Famous trios film movies, with furniture included, are for example, the famous scene in The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981), in which the kitchen table, filled with freshly baked breads, mussels and flour, are slap-slapped by the housewife for more urgent tasks and whose role is similar in importance to Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange.

More recently we have seen Samsara (2011), the story of a Buddhist lama who attains enlightenment by sex, erotic check ergonomics has not been exclusively reserved for libidinous monarchs, as Edward VII’s England, who commissioned the chair of love, an appropriately designed artifact to cover two females without aplastarlas-; he has been a preoccupation as old as man and knows no social boundaries. In the film, a humble Indian worker improvises a rotating swing with a sari and a stick to make the meeting more creative.

Tradition of sexy furniture on sale on the shop Secret

Resume the tradition of erotic furniture and a bed to get lost, exclusive sexual playground and home are the pillars of Liberator’s philosophy. Of furniture and small furniture sexy ergonomic design that help the most enjoyable activity: rigorous application of the Kama sutra (laughs) and are also well designed and quality.

A bit of history about sexy furniture

The idea of erotic furniture is not new; it is an excellent example of this from the nineteenth century. The strange thing is that, being an important activity for humans, it was not manifested in the splendor of the twentieth century, where we found a rickety construction project of the domestic erotic landscape. This loss of connection in the history of this type of furniture is due to the construction of a hyper sexualized and hectic society, with a view of the time when the scope is more important than transit, which led, in large part, the loss of the erotic world. The project we do not relate to the analysis of the market demand,
Liberator based in the United States designs furniture as a chair designed to practice cunnilingus; The postman always rings, a table whose surface is engraved in bas-relief of a woman’s bare back, so that she fits the mold, and inspired by the film mentioned at the beginning; Wet connection, a shower where the screens have holes placed at the right height to perform various sexual practices; Felation or chairs, and whose name explains everything or Adela, one of my favorite, inspired by the women of the Mexican Revolution and the thought that man feels, women do more and control their movements through and footrest a backup to be able to hold.

So marry the erotic furniture to your furniture and play with sexy outfits for sale at the Secret Sex toy shop. The furniture we have at home all serve a specific purpose. In the kitchen is cooked, bathed in the bathroom, in the living room and in the bedroom is slept, but not only. The bed is probably the only piece of furniture in our apartment that is “misappropriated”.

Not only do we sleep in our beds, we also have sex in them. But we only eat at the dining table. Why? To sleep a dining table is of course a bit uncomfortable, but for sex he is excellent, a kitchen chair and the sofa by the way also. Although this is limited in space, that is close, but a bed that is basically yes too.

Why not break out of everyday routine and too small a bed? The dining table offers completely new and exciting perspectives. And even the simplest kitchen chair can become a playground for erotic games of a very special kind.

What are the best sex furniture? The washing machine

It does not break through anything and can handle a lot of weight without any problems. We are talking about the washing machine. Not only at parties for the quick quickie, but also very popular with many couples. Of course, the washing machine requires different positions than they are often used in bed. Prank the missionary position from your thoughts! For the washing machine is recommended that he takes it and puts on the washing machine. The man is standing in front of her. If she spreads her legs, he can now take them from the front.
What is the best sex furniture? The kitchen table

If your kitchen table is small you should skip this point. If your table is very massive, then welcome to your new favorite sex practice. Tables are mounted at a lower height than work surfaces. Here it is advisable for the woman to stand in front of the table and lay her upper body on the table top. Now the man stands behind her and enters her from behind.

What is the best sex furniture? The soft carpet floor

In winter, on a cold tile floor, nobody feels the need to drop their covers. On the other hand, it looks quite different with carpet. Although the same position is possible on the floor as in the bed, the fact that you have sex on the floor is something that is extremely antagonistic in itself. Sex on the floor is reminiscent of a wicked quickie in which both could not stand it anymore and did not make it to bed anymore.

What is the best sex furniture? The shower

Here it is hot and humid: The shower. While the bathtub usually offers too little space, there is enough room in the shower for a quick number. There are different options for the positions here.

• She leans against the wall and pushes her butt out as he enters her from behind.
• Only suitable for athletic minds! Both partners stand in front of each other, she spreads her legs. Now he lifts her up and she wraps her legs around her hips.

But attention: please do not slip!

What is the best sex furniture? The kitchen chair or the living room chair

If a couple wants to enjoy themselves on a chair or armchair, they have the active part. He sits down while she sits down on top of him. It can thus determine the pace at which it goes and how deep it penetrates.