Finding the perfect lighting for prostate milking

The Prostate Massage: Partner of the Intimate Health of these gentlemen

At a not too distant time, in our countries, these gentlemen risked prison if they had the misfortune to dare to search the side of their anal intimacy. Sex experts did not joke with the pleasure of male buttocks. It is, fortunately, a bygone era, and we now see more and more men attracted by the erotic joys of prostate massage, regardless of their sexual orientation.

And the good news is that in addition to an exceptional pleasure that stops time, prostate massage also offers many benefits. And among the different virtues that this little anal getaway is capable of, here you will come across some that are directly related to the intimate health.

Some magical virtues of prostate massage

It opens: Prostate massage helps eliminate the accumulation of prostatic fluid (which is part of the sperm composition) in the prostate ducts, which can cause prostatitis, a very painful inflammation of the prostate.
It boasts: Prostate massage increases blood flow into the prostate, allowing the gland to produce seminal fluid. Also, the blood flow also helps to improve the erections of men experiencing some breakdowns.
He avoids the big head: Massage can help prevent “benign prostatic hypertrophy,” a benign tumour responsible for the enlargement of the prostate that can lead to difficulty urinating and urinary tract infections.
He avoids the pain: A regularly massaged prostate can prevent the appearance of painful ejaculations.
It prevents cancer: The message can participate in the proper functioning of the prostate, thus allowing, if not avoiding the prostate cancer, at least to reduce the risks.
It is right: The prostate massage is also capable of a rather seductive benefit: improve the intensity of ejaculation and make even more exceptional sexual pleasure! So can prostate milking prevent prostate related illness? Yes, a proper way of prostate milking or prostate massage keeps the prostate healthy and prevents disease.

A reminder of the different ways to massage the prostate

With the hand Or rather the finger: the prostate being located about 7cm after the anus, in the direction of the bladder, you must use at least your index finger. Sit in a comfortable and practical position: on the back, legs raised for example. The simplest remains that a partner comes to give you a “helping hand”. Once this small ball the size of a walnut spotted, it continues only to roll your phalanx on its slightly inflated surface gently.

With an accessory: If you want to put the odds on your side and make sure you do not miss the fun, opt for an expert prostate massager who will never lose his goal. It will also allow you to share some sweet moments of erotic fellowship, and always for the sake of your health!

With nothing else: The rectum is a first orifice that cannot be compared to the female vagina as it has an “aspirant” effect. If men always advise women with the greatest vigour to introduce various fruits, vegetables and other bizarre objects in their privacy, because of acute risks of accidents and infections, men’s violence is even higher on the side of the buttocks. Even a sex toy should enter only if it were designed for that that is to say with a security ring at the base that prevents it from being engulfed. If you are embarking on a crazy adventure equipped with a homemade object, nothing but the hospital is waiting for you.

The pleasure is at the bottom of things: It cannot be repeated enough: the prostate massage is a source of unique joy that is not reserved for homosexuals! It’s enough to be a man, a point that’s all. And to have a prostate, which is the case for most male individuals. Close to the feminine ecstasy in its progression, its duration and its magnitude, it is the grail of the joy, the culminating point of the masculine pleasure, the climax of the jouissance, all this at a distance of hardly three phalanges.

The benefits of prostate massage in one go

The prostate is a small, nut-sized gland located in the male reproductive system near the bladder. The primary function of the prostate is to secrete a fluid that helps to form the seminal fluid that carries the spermatozoa.
A prostate massage means all manual stimulations of the prostate gland area with the finger or the other devices. Prostate massages offer a variety of benefits, but it is essential to check with a doctor before experiencing this type of experience.

Many men do not know it, but treating the prostate with massage has many significant benefits for men of all ages. In general, these massages are performed, either for medical purposes or sexual reasons.
One of these benefits is improving the prostate status and reducing problems as well as pain in this gland. The prostate massage is thus a natural other to taking a pill, vitamin or dietary supplement. This is a considerable detail to remember because there are usually no harmful side effects regarding the treatment of the prostate by the message.

Always on a therapeutic level, this type of massage allows the increase of the urinary flow. Indeed, enlargement of the prostate gland is a cause of difficulty with the flow of urine. Reducing the pressure of fluids released during a prostate massage can help to get a urine flow that returns to normal.

Another considerable benefit resulting from a prostate massage is the pleasure. Many men appreciate the sensations and the ability to reach an orgasmic state of happiness through this type of massage. This phenomenon is more commonly known as an orgasm of the prostate and pleases a lot of men.

A prostate massage also helps to improve ejaculation. A message of the prostate can enhance the intensity of a man’s ejaculation. Many men claim to have exacerbated sexual experiences when the prostate is stimulated, and regular massages can create a real explosion for some men.

Numerous studies have also shown that regular prostate massages help to solve erectile dysfunction (ED) problems. It is also one of the most recommended treatments by doctors. For more information on prostate massagers, visit