Extra Large Butt Plugs For Extra Pleasure

The butt plug is an exquisite intimate toy for anal pleasure. This sex toy tempts you and you plan to buy one? Here is some information about the different models and sizes of anal plugs, and what you need to pay attention to when purchasing. We also explain how to use an anal plug.

What is an anal plug?

An anal plug is a sex toy that completely fills the anus. With this intimate toy, you have the feeling of a ‘filled’ orifice. The butt plug has a specific shape which ends in a very wide base. You can perfectly leave this toy in place during intercourse or even when you go out. This base indeed blocks the plug to prevent it from ‘disappearing’ entirely in the anus.

The anal plug provides men with additional stimulation in the prostate (and therefore an intense erotic sensation). In women, the plug provides stronger stimulation of the clitoris.

How to use an anal plug?

The answer to this question is simple and quick: just insert the anal plug into the anus. Use enough lubricant for smooth introduction. There are anal relaxing lubricants with an insensitizing effect. The anus is very sensitive and before going into penetration, it is important to first stimulate the anal area (for example using your fingers or a vibrating toy). Take your time and make sure the anus is completely relaxed before inserting the plug.

Some people use an anal plug during love to feel an extra sensation. Others use it as preliminaries before another anal penetration by a penis, a fist or a strap-on for example. Still others use the anal plug when they come out and therefore leave it inserted for a long time. So determine beforehand the use you will make of this sex toy before buying one.


There are extra large butt plugs with a round, long and thin shape. These models are perfect for the most novice user and provide that ‘full’ orifice feeling that most people are looking for as an erotic experience. You will also find extra large butt plugs at the slightly curved top. These models are ideal for intensely stimulating the prostate. To view more various shapes and sizes, you can check out lovegasm.

Choose an extra large butt plug

Are you new and want to experience the extra large butt plug for the first time? It is therefore wiser to start with a small, thin and smooth model. Pay attention to the length and diameter, to avoid choosing a plug that is small but very wide (and possibly painful). If you already have experience, you can of course vary the sizes, textures and materials.

Textures and materials

Before you start buying an extra large butt plug, it is always useful to know the different materials that exist. Here’s some informations.

Beginner extra large butt plug sets

For those who want to vary the pleasures or who are looking for new challenges, there are special sets of extra large butt plugs for beginners. These sets often contain different extra large butt plugs, lubricant and sometimes also a vibrator and sleeves for endless experiments. These boxes are suitable for men and women. An ideal solution for couples who want a first anal experience.

Choose the beginner set of extra large butt plugs if you are looking for:

  • anal stimulation.
  • a toy for couples.
  • very varied pleasures.
  • an intense and full sensation.

Vibrating extra large butt plug

The vibrating models exist in different materials (most in silicone) and can offer several modes of vibration. The majority operate on batteries, some are controlled by remote control.

Choose the vibrating extra large butt plug if you are looking for:

  • anal stimulation.
  • a fully vibrating plug.
  • a hygienic toy.
  • an intense erotic sensation.

Black silicone extra large butt plug set

A silicone extra large butt plug has a soft feel and is flexible. This material is easy and quick to clean and is safe to use. The silicone plug is suitable for both novice and experienced users.

Choose the silicone extra large butt plug if you are looking for:

  • a flexible material.
  • anal stimulation.
  • a hygienic toy.
  • an intense erotic sensation.

Metal extra large butt plug

A metal extra large butt plug is heat-sensitive and quite heavy. When inserted, the metal is often cold, which gives an intense erotic sensation. During use, the plug heats up quickly. Thanks to its weight, this sex toy gives you a good feeling of pressure, also ensuring intense stimulation. The pleasure is therefore twice as strong with a heavy and cold metal plug. The metal is well suited for somewhat experienced users.

Choose the metal extra large butt plug if you are looking for:

  • twice the pleasure.
  • anal stimulation.
  • a hygienic toy.

Textured butt plug

Ribbed, beaded and other texture extra large butt plugs provide stronger stimulation during use. The anus is then even more tickled and you feel an erotic, intense and full sensation. The textured butt plug is more for experienced users.

Choose the textured extra large butt plug if you are looking for:

  • anal stimulation.
  • different stimulation.
  • an intense and full sensation.

Inflatable butt plug

It is a sensational extra large butt plug and ideal for both beginners and experienced users. Thanks to the pump (or the pear), you inflate the plug (inserted) to the desired diameter. You therefore always have the possibility of going further.

Choose the inflatable butt plug if you are looking for:

  • anal stimulation.
  • variable diameter.
  • an intense and full sensation.

Anal lubricant

Use a good lubricant for anal sex. We advise you to choose an anal lubricant. For example, you can combine your butt plug with a water-based lubricant.

Anal relaxants

You can also use a product that will help you relax the anus. This will prevent a possible painful or unpleasant sensation. There are therefore insensitizing lubricants, relaxing gels and sprays, etc. Most of these products are water-based, so they are perfectly compatible with condoms.