Sex swing experience is more fun with the ideal lighting

Sex swing – a unique device for sex: Know how to use it safely

These sex swings are an affordable alternative to the big swings. They are compact and portable, mounted on the door and consist of two strong and broad lines. On each sling two loops, one smaller for the hand, the other more spacious for the leg. The length of the sling is easily adjustable.

Slings are made of black nylon. It is enough to throw two cylinders of transparent plastic through the door and close it! And all the sex swings are ready for use. For greater security, it will be better if the door is sealed with a lock or bolt.

After use, this sex device is also accessible to remove from the door and pack in the box again for the following experiments and hot moments. Such a method for sex, as these small sex swings at the door, will allow everyone to try new positions and diversify their intimate life! They are ideal for a small city apartment, as well as for travel and honeymoon in a hotel.

New sensations, new heights of pleasure and a whole firework of emotions! After all, now, without much effort and super stretching, you can try out quite sophisticated sex postures and experience what is not available in natural poses. But everyone knows that even the freest and hot sex in the usual position with time can become tedious.

Experiment, try new versions of close games, this will help sex swing from the American sex shops. This sex device can also be used in various role-playing games. Nylon slings are very durable and reliable, due to which the sex swing can withstand up to 250 kg!

Sex swing on the door – this is a new horizon of pleasure and pleasure! Try new positions from the Kama Sutra or turn on your wits and invent your own. Feel how tireless and rampant lovers you can become if you want this. Realise your old sexual fantasies, and you will certainly like it!

Swing Love: How to use and what are the Benefits

Rich and vibrant sex life is an essential component of harmonious relationships, without which even the most obvious connection between souls and compatibility of characters will not give a feeling of satisfaction from life. It is high-quality and regular sex that makes a couple happy, which means that the efforts made for this will pay off many times over. One of the best and most effective ways to make sex with a regular partner unforgettable is the use of erotic toys and accessories for adults. One of the most original and unusual sex devices is considered to be a sex swing.

The sex swing is a special kind of sex furniture, the primary purpose of which is to give joy from unforgettably bright sex and to bring the much-needed and essential variety into permanent relationships. Swing is a belt system that is mounted in the doorway or on a special support. These belts correctly maintain the weight of an adult who can safely swing on them at his pleasure, giving pleasure to a partner.

The advantages of using erotic swings for adults

Variety – sex and the use of unusual toys and other devices always give a sense of piquant unexplored and exciting acuity. Games with swings will help to bring freshness even into a long-established relationship, to make them appealing and just like unforgettable for the first time. In addition to the purely psychological component of the sensation of novelty, you can note a significant expansion of the range of impressions obtained in the process of sex with the use of sec-seesaw. A fundamentally different distribution of body weight, the shift of the centres of gravity and the uncharacteristic position of the body of one of the partners allows both participants to get new pleasures that they did not have to experience before.

The opportunity to make the enjoyment infinite – no matter how much you love making love; they all have their time limits. And it’s not even about reaching the highest point of pleasure: bed games, especially with the use of fantasy and conducting bold experiments, are always severe workloads, comparable in energy to the sport. Sex swings significantly reduce the physical load on the body of participants in sexual intercourse and thus save energy for more extended pleasures.

The absence of restrictions on the choice of posture – the desire to try all possible love poses, present in every sex-gourmet, is often limited to the physical capabilities of the partners. The difference in height and weight, lack of physical fitness is not a complete list of the reasons why some couples fail to realise all their fantasies. Sex swings will help overcome the barrier of restrictions and colour your love life with all the colours of love and pleasure.

Sexual Harness: The other part of Sex Swings

The original harnesses are great unknown in the sexual field; unintentionally we associate them with harder or more questionable practices, and many do not know why they are used or how they can help us to have more satisfactory sexual relations.


What is a sexual harness?

A harness is a toy that allows us to place a dildo, dildo or vibrator at the height of the pubis with which you can make insights to your partner. It is usual to talk about an active person who would be the person wearing the harness and therefore performs the penetration and passive person who is the one who receives it.

What types of harnesses are there?

The harnesses can be of several types:

• Gaps: These are designed for men because its interior is hollow so you can enter the penis inside.
• Strap-On: They are harnesses that allow exchanging dildos of different sizes and shapes so that our game is even more complete.
• According to your fastenings: When you talk about fastenings, you are referring to the way it is fastened to our hips so that it is in place. Here you can find harnesses with panties, harnesses with straps and even harness without straps. Harnesses without straps are recommended when you have great experience in the use of harnesses but can be difficult and even unpleasant.
• With dildo or interior plug: There are harnesses that in addition to presenting the dildo to penetrate your partner also contains a beautiful addition to incorporate a dildo or anal plug. Thus, the person who stabs is even penetrated.

They are somewhat complicated the first few times, but in nothing you will dominate it, do not give up that it’s worth it!