The effect of perfect lightning on chastity – is there a connection?

Chastity underwear: What is it and does it still exists

We are used to seeing in movies, television series and numerous historical novels scenes in which, during the Middle Ages, whenever a powerful man of the time went on a trip to participate in a war, in order to ensure the chastity of his wife and avoid that she could commit an act of infidelity, ordered to place a metal contraption in the form of a security brief that ensured the total impossibility of the woman to be penetrated sexually.

Was the ‘chastity belt’ really a medieval invention to avoid infidelities of the wives?

There are also those who indicate that this belt not only served to safeguard the honor of the husband who ordered placing it, but also was used as a way to prevent a rape in case of being attacked during the absence of the husband and even father, as there are some versions that indicate that those iron panties were also placed to the daughters in order to remain virgins until they reach the time of marriage.

But in reality, the concept of chastity belt as it has come to us through books, movies and television, is totally false (or rather, inaccurate) and is closer to being an urban legend than a fact real historical.

According to many researches and studies conducted by historians and experts in the middle Ages, there are hardly any reliable and real references written at the time to ensure that really jealous husbands or fearful parents forced the women of their family to place them when they went on a trip.

In the investigations, in which scientists have also participated, it has been shown that a person could not have worn one of those iron panties much more than two days in a row without it producing abrasions, chafing, multiple damages and even infections. Which would have caused countless diseases and, as a result, deaths, something that there is no record. We must also take into account the long duration of the battles that took place at that time, in which the soldiers who participated in them could throw themselves away for several months without returning to their homes.

Yes, there was a kind of metal panty during the middle Ages but it was placed as an instrument of torture when a prisoner or prisoner was wanted to punish him for a crime, because those contraptions compressed and caused terrible pain.

Myths Regarding the Chastity Underwear

The myth of the iron belt as a method of chastity emerged several centuries after the Middle Ages, in the period known as the Enlightenment (also called the Age of Enlightenment), in which from 1700 several intellectual currents emerged that wanted to blur many of the things that had taken place during the Middle Ages, creating around that time an infinity of urban legends that tried to demonstrate the nefarious and dark times that had been lived.

Many of the illustrations, treatises and references that we currently have on the chastity belts are dated from the eighteenth century, as well as the vast majority of these gadgets that are exhibited in some exhibitions and museums. Some of them are true, but not those related to chastity but not as an instrument of torture.
It should also be noted that modern versions of the chastity belts that are used during sadomasochistic practices are currently used.

Current believe on Chastity Underwear

One believed that these things no longer existed, or were only circumscribed to sexual practices linked to BDSM or to play ‘Dragons and dungeons’. However, it seems that some traditions resist disappearing and returning by their furrows, although not in their traditional form. In fact, to be strict, today’s post should have been called ‘chastity garters’ , because that is what the invention is about, but after all everything ends in the same and the belt is understand faster.

When we talk about this instrument of torture we all come to the head medieval knights going on a trip to the Holy Land, women locked in a tower, horse infections and intact honors. However, despite all the legends built around this invention, the really documented chastity belts date back to the 19th century and are related to the wave of puritanism that ravaged the West at that time. On occasion we have talked about gadgets created in the Victorian era aimed at pursuing masturbation or exacerbated eroticism. In this sense, the belts were just another instrument more designed to fight punctually the normal sexual drives of the human being. In fact, it can only be worn for a few hours, if you want to avoid infections, skin lacerations and other excesses. Some historians claim that the belts were actually born during the Renaissance and used by some women as an instrument of self-defense to avoid rapes, when they had to be in contact with troops or during a trip. At the moment of truth, the only specimens that have arrived until our days are not more than 200 years old, so everything else does not stop being mere literature or fantasy.

It is striking how in the 21st century there are still people who take into consideration this type of punishment devices to ensure the fidelity of their partner. Nobody think of locks, locks or keys. The new technologies also serve for something in the world of sexual repression. The last shout in this field consists of some garters with built-in chip, called ‘Gorgeous garters’, which can be purchased on the website. The chip detects the moisture of the skin and the acceleration of the heart rate, associated with any type of sexual activity, and sends a text message to the telephone of the husband or boyfriend of the alleged infidel, warning him that they are sticking. If the chastity garters are so sensitive that they also send a sms if the controlled person climbs some stairs or has to hit a little trick to avoid losing the meter. The league is impossible to remove if an automatic text message is not sent, with a secret code, so any distraction maneuver is useless.

Price of the Chastity Underwear

Depending on the model (silk or lace) ranges between 70 and 88 $. Because of the price, this is the best chastity cage as gift for Valentine’s day. The most worrying thing is that, on the website, they claim that the demand has been such that they currently have exhausted stocks. Learn more here about chastity devices price.