Sex toys are perfromed better under the perfect light

How to determine how Safe Sex Toys are

When used, sex toys are not only in contact with the most sensitive areas of your body but are also used to penetrate the vagina or anus. Therefore, the safety of any sex toy is one of the key points along with the pleasure it can deliver. This article will guide you on how to choose safe sex toys.

On the surface of the toy stands slime

This is one of the signs that a sex toy may be unsafe. But pay attention to the fact that if you used lubricants or just got an orgasm with the help of sex toys, it will be wet. An alarming symptom for you should be the wet surface of a sex toy when it was not used. This indicates that such a toy is not safe. Probably, the material of the product began to emit some harmful substances that may well cause allergies or even chemical burns.

Such a sex toy is not safe. It is better to replace it with a new one. One more thing is even safe sex toys come from the manufacturer in protective lubricant. This grease saves the product from cracking, damage. After buying a sex toy, you need to rinse in warm water. You can use a unique cleanser that is sold in online sex toy stores.

Cracks and scratches on the surface of the toy

Do not forget to inspect your sex toy before use. If any cracks or scratches appear on its surface, it is better not to use such a product. It’s time to think about purchasing a new safe sex toy. Damage to the surface of sex toys can lead to painful sensations when using them. Take care of your health, use only intact, safe sex toys!

Sex toys made of porous materials

On sale, you can find sex toys made of porous material. It is somewhat tricky to disinfect such parts because bacteria can accumulate in the pores and no cleaning agent will destroy them. Therefore, the safety of sex toys made of porous material depends only on you. Not only proper care and disinfection of toys but also the individuality of its use is necessary. A sex toy is not a thing to share. Also, when using a porous sex toy, you can use a condom. This will help maintain your health and ensure your safety.

Study the composition of sex toys

When choosing a sex toy, pay attention to the material from it is made. Of course, a manufacturer that values its reputation will never use materials that are hazardous to health. The choice of material is especially important for those who tend towards allergies. For the production of safe sex toys, silicone, glass and metal are most often used. There are also other polymeric materials. Before buying in the store, be sure to read the description of the sex toy not only regarding possible pleasure but also pay attention to its composition. This will help you make sure that you have chosen a safe sex toy.

Silicone toys: beware of fakes

Silicone is an excellent material for making safe sex toys. It can last for a long time, is safe for health and durable. But, unfortunately, there are fake silicones. Buy from the shops that sell sex toys only from proven manufacturers. They guarantee lack of fakes. They care about their reputation, your pleasure and health.

If you are worried about whether you bought a real silicone sex toy or a dangerous fake, you can be sure of it in the following way. When you ignite a toy of silicone, it does not immediately begin to melt and turn black. But the fake silicone, on the contrary, will instantly melt; black spots will appear on it.

Here are some of the basic rules for choosing safe sex toys. When selecting products for online store, monitor product safety. You can be sure, buying from online sex toys, you want safe products. Nevertheless, it is better for everyone to know the basic rules for picking safe sex toys.

Safe sex toys

Now many of us pay particular attention to the safety and environmental friendliness of the things that surround us. And this is understandable, poor environmental conditions, an increase in the incidence of allergies cause a desire to protect themselves from things that can aggravate problems.

These trends are also noticeable in the sex toy industry because they are in contact with the genitals and can cause some problems, especially if the toys are not of a different quality. Most well-known manufacturers offer users a premium-quality toy line.

How do these toys differ from most?

As a rule, for a sex toy to be safe and not cause allergies, it is made of high-quality silicone.

Silicone is a modern material with unique properties. It is resistant to high and low temperatures, has excellent elasticity, is durable, and has low porosity. Another feature of silicone is it’s hypoallergenic; it is completely inert and can be used by people prone to allergies. Medical silicone has no smell.

No less impressive are toys made of glass. They look very elegant and often resemble a piece of art. Such toys are safe, do not absorb chemicals and also cannot be the cause of allergies. Also, glass toys are suitable for games with temperature changes. Another modern material from which high-quality, safe sex toys are made is TPE, it is an elastomer free of phthalates and latex, and it is hypoallergenic, soft and durable.

Most high-quality sex toys are rechargeable; they increase their environmental friendliness because replaceable batteries are very toxic and pollute the environment. Also, rechargeable vibrators are much more convenient, since they exclude the likelihood that the batteries suddenly run out, and there are no new houses. Also, the built-in battery can provide more powerful vibration.

Another option is vibrating massagers, working on the network. The most famous of these is the Magic Wand Original.

For environmentally friendly sex toys need appropriate lubricants. And, of course, demand creates supply. Most manufacturers have oils that are positioned as organic. This is usually a water-based lubricant, without harmful preservatives, glycerin, artificial flavours and dyes. They create a natural moisturising, do not cause allergies and do not disturb the natural balance.