Using butt plugs under the perfect lighting

The Butt Plug: Guide to the Ultimate Fantasy

Butt plug is another popular sex toy of small size that has many more uses than you think. Butt plug is a small sex toy with a chain or end stop for use during anal sex, intimate games in or outside the bedroom (wearing a plug). Cork stimulates the nerve endings of the anal passage, causing agitation, and the need to constantly strain the muscles of the anus causes a rush of blood and improves blood circulation. This is the theoretical definition which you all know but in reality what is a butt plug – What do they do? What are they for? Are there any benefits? You can find all the answers here.

How to introduce an anal plug?

The technique is the same for solo or couple use. After gently preparing the anus, apply lubricant over the entire surface of the anal plug, and then gently insert it through the tip. Wait a few seconds for the muscle to relax and quietly adapt to the shape of the plug. Without pushing it further, rotate it slightly by gradually widening the circles. Gradually, the muscle will decrease its pressure and you can push the plug a little further. Then it’s according to each one. For some or some, this only penetration is sufficient. For others, a game of back and forth will be appreciated because it stimulates the anal crown, very innervated. Some will also like to rotate it in all directions, especially men, to reach and stimulate the prostate.

How to use an anal plug?

It is strongly recommended to use lubricant to introduce an anal plug without the risk of tearing the rectal tissues. Only in video games involving plugs can you see them using the same without lubricants, not in real life.

It is also recommended to be reasonable in choosing the size of the plug used. Huge plugs can cause anal muscle damage. And you should know that on the one hand a small plug can already allow optimal stimulation quality, and secondly some plugs marketed target sado-masochistic circles and are not intended to be introduced entirely.

If you buy a cheap anal plug, also pay attention to the finishes of the object which are sometimes poorly made and can cause irritation during the introduction.

Finally, in contact with body fluids (blood, stool, vaginal secretions), the plug can be vector of sexually transmitted diseases. It is therefore important to clean it well with anti-bacterial soap after use or before exchanging it with a partner.

Anal plug: which one to choose?

Like many sex toys you will find plugs of all kinds and at all prices: not always easy to navigate! American sex top shops sell smooth, textured, more or less elongated, rounded or ringed, with a round tip or nipple. Some have a form specifically designed to stimulate the prostate and therefore more specifically for men. You can also found pomegranate plugs for real guys and rose-shaped raspberry plugs, a lot more girly! They make more or less realistic, and for the visual aspect, it’s up to you to see, it’s really a matter of taste!

The prices are incredibly variable: you can offer an anal plug to less than five dollars on a whim or wait for special occasions to make you offer a jewel plug more than one hundred euros! For beginners, the best is always to start small, with plugs 3 or 4 cm in diameter. You can always buy bigger afterwards if you feel the need. Models that are too long may be good for standing, but become problematic to sit on, so if you want to wear it in the office, do not look too big either!

The materials are very variable too (latex, silicone, Pyrex, flexible PVC, metal, wood) and more or less rigid. Some will complain that flexible materials like jelly crushes too much at insertion, but that will surely reassure the most inexperienced. It is also reported that the softer materials are often more difficult to maintain and sometimes give off a strange odor. As for metal plugs, it is advisable to soak them in hot water before inserting them so that they are not too cold.

These plugs are often jewelry plugs, also called Rose bud, and are intended to stay in place, especially for decorative purposes. They usually have a shiny stone at the end. And men can find it very exciting to undress a woman who wears this kind of jewelry to decorate her pretty buttocks!

Experts also recommend testing vibrating plugs, which are often a bit more expensive, but add to the feeling. Or the inflatable plugs, connected to a pear, which allow going small and magnifying deliciously inside: quite clever! They usually have a shiny stone at the end. And men can find it very exciting to undress a woman who wears this kind of jewelry to decorate her pretty buttocks!

Anal plug: the recommendations of the experts

If you want to offer one, or offer one to your partner, here are expert recommendations following their study of the different plugs on the market!

• If you are looking for a vibrating anal plug and very good quality, the vibrating butt plug is a purchase to make eyes closed! It has a shape particularly suitable for anal penetration, and has 12 different modes of vibration.
• If you are looking for an original anal plug, with a ball inside that increases the sensations, you choice should be the Geisha plug.
• For women, a slightly shorter anal plug is preferable. Simple, classy, with even a little girly touch, this one is recommended: the Swarovski Rose buds.

For aussies, you can buy your butt plug here. With all this, you will surely have fun!

Lubrication and butt plug

The anal passage does not release enough natural lubricant, so the butt plug must be richly lubricated with lubricant. If you are fond of long wearing, then you should always have a lubricant on hand to refresh the lubricant during the day. For convenience, use non-water based lubricants – they do not dry out any longer, and the rough surface of the plug keeps the lubricant better.

Advantages of using an anal plug

Sodomy is the practice of anal sex, and it has been very criticized by many people but in turn has also been accepted as part of a full and intimate sexual life, at first the woman has a certain reluctance to have anal sex with her couple but in the end, they end up yielding to the love that you have, and if you do it properly you get used to the point that when you start to have sexual satisfaction. This is because experts say that it is very difficult to reach orgasm through anal sex but many people who practice constantly assure that as it is practiced it is possible to cover the need for sexual desire in the person.

So if you want to venture into this world of anal erotica, experts recommend the use of sex toys, there are many who can help but this time I want to talk about the anal plug. This device was created with the aim of granting sexual pleasure to the people who use it, one of the advantages of using an anal plug is that it allows you to start having rectal relationships in a safe way without the moment you are with your partner you feel pain, remember that the anus is not used to being introduced to any object and if you are newer even more. If your a beginner and still unsure of using anal plug or having hard time picking the right one. Checking the Loveplugs twitter page might be a help, with all the discussion of the users with their preferences, best picks, shared experienced and many more.

Those who wish to have sex by the anus should take it easy, before getting into this world, prepare properly so that you enjoy the full and sweet taste of sex and do not suffer any traumatic situation with your partner for the rush to experience something different. Another advantage of the anal plug is that its structure was designed with the aim of making it easier for you to penetrate the anus and as you get used to it, you should introduce the cap little by little.