Sex with sex dolls are sexier with the perfect lighting

Sex dolls and the law: Legal Details to Remember while Buying

A New York congressman introduced a bill that would prevent the importation of child-like sex dolls into the United States. If enacted, the law will prevent anatomically accurate wrists of young children from being imported and distributed throughout the country, often with false eyelashes, wigs, heating devices and cleaning tools.

These sex dolls resemble children up to three years old, and can be customized to present realistic facial expressions, which include sadness and fear. Currently, there are no laws in the US to prevent the proliferation of child sex dolls.

After using any sex toy, it is important to clean and wash thoroughly to avoid the spread of all types of infections, especially when the toy in question is a sex doll, and more so if it has been used by different people in a single day. And apparently this was what failed in the operation of a brothel that rented sex dolls to its customers: cleaning. The place offered eight rooms equipped with bed, bathroom and TV that transmitted pornographic films, in addition to the realistic silicone sex dolls, which customers used for their own pleasure.
Customers of Sex Dolls Torino, in America, could choose from seven different doll models, with different outfits, skin color, different eyes and hair. They could even opt for a male doll with an adjustable penis whose length varies from five to seven inches, according to the client’s taste.

For a payment of $ 93, the visitors could use the dolls at will for half an hour and experiment with them practically all the positions of the Kama sutra, according to the publicity of the place. The brothel reservations were up to the limit and their customers came from different parts of America. Also the place was closed at night and accepted reservations in groups.

Sex Dolls Torino was raided by local police on suspicion that the dolls were not cleaned thoroughly, at least for two hours after each use, in addition to violating the country’s rental law.

Each doll costs around $ 2,300. In America, brothels with prostitutes are illegal. Sex Dolls Torino is a company that offers brothel franchises with sex dolls in cities such as Moscow and Barcelona.

Technological advances have made these dolls more and more realistic, to such an extent that they are now mass-marketed in some countries, such as Japan, where more than 2,000 human-sized silicone dolls are sold every year: many Japanese people live with their “baby doll”. But Western countries are not left out. For many years, this phenomenon intrigues and fuels the fantasies of many men.

In 2002, a report of the show Aléas is interested in this new fashion. A German artist living in Bavaria devotes himself entirely to the making of these humanoids, striking with realism. One of his concerns is to find an adequate way to warm the body of his dolls. An American user explains indeed the importance of the heating of the silicone in the winter.

The use of these dolls is sometimes very disturbing. Gordon, an American in his forties, introduces us to his “baby doll”, which has the features of a teenager in her fifties. This is exactly the model he wants. He is aware that in real life, he could not legally have a relationship with a girl of this age, but the doll allows him to live his fantasy. He dresses his model, spends time with her, watching television with him. A relationship taken very seriously that seems to fill Gordon.

If the realism of these dolls is accurate, their idea goes back to the dawn of time. Idea that may seem shocking at first, but we can indeed bring the myth of Pygmalion dolls sold in sex shops. This is the thesis defended by this journalist working on the subject: Since the beginning of historical times, the male imagination is filled with stories of women created from scratch, either by the Gods or by men.

A wise entrepreneur, he has already launched and sold a dozen electronic cigarette shops when the trend was at its highest, set up a concept store dedicated to motorcycles or an LED lighting company when it started to speak.

Sustainable environment

In other words, he knows how to catch the light of the times. The brothels of sex dolls open one after the other in the big European cities. It is also by making a tour of Europe of this new type of hustle that experts decided to take action: they visited real brothels in the four corners of the world; they discovered that the existence of these brothels of dolls. The experience was crazy!

Everything not to suffer the wrath of the associations

By testing and comparing different houses, expert finds ideas for adapting brothels to dolls: In Germany, they have installed them in old brothels. It is a mistake. The places, the reception are not at all designed for that. For example, they use conventional beds 60 centimeters in height. But a doll is not a woman. It’s heavy, complicated to move. You have to be at his level. That’s why I installed mattresses on the floor in my “play spaces”. At Xdolls, we do not say room but “space of play”, a way to play down the thing.

Expert has also thought of everything not to suffer the wrath of associations. If, today, he proposes three feminine dolls with an attractive breast and white skin, he intends to diversify: “You can note, soon there will be a male doll and a black doll. And when we talk to him about hygiene issues, he responds quickly: “It’s safer to come to our house than to go see a prostitute. Our dolls are cleaned between each client. First, they are washed with a mild soap. Then they are sterilized with a hydro-alcoholic solution. And, finally, they are sprayed with a bomb from the Anios laboratory. It kills everything in its path. The doll, you can eat on it. ”

For 19 dollars more, you can enjoy the joys of new technologies and don an augmented reality headset
If Xdolls starts modestly with three bedrooms, it intends to expand. Expert plans the next opening of six other brothel houses in France. But why do men pay 89 dollars an hour to make love to a silicone doll? According to the owner of the place, the experience is incomparable: Here, you are focused on your pleasure 100%. There is a selfish, even autistic dimension. You do not need to think about the pleasure of the woman; it changes your experience deeply. And the sensations are incredible. Limit better. An unconscious thing happens, which makes you excite. You do not make love to a real woman. Not your hand. It’s new. This is another thing.

Sex dolls are not smart. They do not speak and are not motorized. But for 19 dollars more, you can enjoy the joys of new technologies and put on an augmented reality headset. The experience is even stronger. You can, for example, put your doll in the same position as the one projected in your helmet and find you thus immersed between two worlds taking advantage of all your senses. As we get ready to leave, Expert invites us to check his words and make love to one of his dolls. We politely refused.