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6 Ways to add sex appeal to your bedroom

It may not seem relevant to being in the mood, but the state of your bedroom can have a negative effect on sex drive. Piles of clothes, dirty socks strewn around, crumpled sheets and clutter are not conducive to feeling (or acting) sexy. Here are a few ways to add sex appeal to your space.

1. De-clutter
A minimalist bedroom is the way to go for a sexy, sophisticated look. Your bedroom is not the place for cutesy dust-collectors, stuffed animals, music boxes or anything else that sits on a shelf taking up space. If you don’t use it, get rid of it. The same goes for clothes and shoes – if you don’t wear something, donate or toss it. Small steps to de-clutter will go a long way in taking your bedroom from chaos to order.

2. Clean up
Nothing is less sexy than a room that looks like it’s been ransacked by a pack of wild dogs. Make the bed, put away the clothes lying on the floor and do laundry if the hamper is overflowing. It doesn’t take much to keep your room looking tidy, but ensuring your space isn’t a pigsty will go a long way in bringing the sexy back to your bedroom.

3. Choose soft lighting
Harsh lighting can be an instant turn-off. No one wants to feel like they’re having sex on an operating table, so switch out bright, clinical lighting for softer, more romantic bulbs. Better yet, put bedroom lights on a dimmer switch so you can adjust lighting accordingly depending on what you’re doing. Getting ready to go out? Go brighter. Getting ready for some action? Bring on the mood lighting.

4. Buy new sheets
You don’t need to trade all the sheets currently in your linen closet for pricey replacements, but having a few better quality sets (i.e. not the threadbare ones you’ve had since college) makes for a much nicer (and sexier) bedroom experience.

5. Add color
Incorporating some punches of color to your bedroom is a great way to spice up the space. Deep, warm tones like plum, burgundy and ochre add some romantic flair without being too obvious. If you have a neutral bedspread, you can also opt for more vivid shades like greens and turquoise to brighten up the bed.

6. Accessorize
Adding romantic accents such as candles and fresh cut flowers can really bring out the romance in your room. Don’t go overboard with accessories (to avoid clutter), but do think about incorporating a few carefully selected items to your mantle, end tables or shelves to warm up the space and increase the romantic vibe.