Sex on the furniture with the perfect light

Why furniture and small sexy furniture is so popular among couples?

Surely the vast majority of mortals had their first three-in-one at a young age, more likely when they discovered their sexuality, and it consisted of the protagonist, his partner and a car, which is a moving bed.

With the sexy furniture, practice the poses of Kama sutra easily

Contrary to popular belief that sex is uncomfortable in a utility, and even inspired the lyrics of a song, it has some interesting features that must be considered and that the bed, sacred space eroticism, flat and often without headboards, awnings or frames of any kind to hold, if necessary, is not the best place in the world to start applying Kama sutra.

Filmography example of eroticism and sexy furniture

Famous trios film movies, with furniture included, are for example, the famous scene in The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981), in which the kitchen table, filled with freshly baked breads, mussels and flour, are slap-slapped by the housewife for more urgent tasks and whose role is similar in importance to Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange.

More recently we have seen Samsara (2011), the story of a Buddhist lama who attains enlightenment by sex, erotic check ergonomics has not been exclusively reserved for libidinous monarchs, as Edward VII’s England, who commissioned the chair of love, an appropriately designed artifact to cover two females without aplastarlas-; he has been a preoccupation as old as man and knows no social boundaries. In the film, a humble Indian worker improvises a rotating swing with a sari and a stick to make the meeting more creative.

Tradition of sexy furniture on sale on the shop Secret

Resume the tradition of erotic furniture and a bed to get lost, exclusive sexual playground and home are the pillars of Liberator’s philosophy. Of furniture and small furniture sexy ergonomic design that help the most enjoyable activity: rigorous application of the Kama sutra (laughs) and are also well designed and quality.

A bit of history about sexy furniture

The idea of erotic furniture is not new; it is an excellent example of this from the nineteenth century. The strange thing is that, being an important activity for humans, it was not manifested in the splendor of the twentieth century, where we found a rickety construction project of the domestic erotic landscape. This loss of connection in the history of this type of furniture is due to the construction of a hyper sexualized and hectic society, with a view of the time when the scope is more important than transit, which led, in large part, the loss of the erotic world. The project we do not relate to the analysis of the market demand,
Liberator based in the United States designs furniture as a chair designed to practice cunnilingus; The postman always rings, a table whose surface is engraved in bas-relief of a woman’s bare back, so that she fits the mold, and inspired by the film mentioned at the beginning; Wet connection, a shower where the screens have holes placed at the right height to perform various sexual practices; Felation or chairs, and whose name explains everything or Adela, one of my favorite, inspired by the women of the Mexican Revolution and the thought that man feels, women do more and control their movements through and footrest a backup to be able to hold.

So marry the erotic furniture to your furniture and play with sexy outfits for sale at the Secret Sex toy shop. The furniture we have at home all serve a specific purpose. In the kitchen is cooked, bathed in the bathroom, in the living room and in the bedroom is slept, but not only. The bed is probably the only piece of furniture in our apartment that is “misappropriated”.

Not only do we sleep in our beds, we also have sex in them. But we only eat at the dining table. Why? To sleep a dining table is of course a bit uncomfortable, but for sex he is excellent, a kitchen chair and the sofa by the way also. Although this is limited in space, that is close, but a bed that is basically yes too.

Why not break out of everyday routine and too small a bed? The dining table offers completely new and exciting perspectives. And even the simplest kitchen chair can become a playground for erotic games of a very special kind.

What are the best sex furniture? The washing machine

It does not break through anything and can handle a lot of weight without any problems. We are talking about the washing machine. Not only at parties for the quick quickie, but also very popular with many couples. Of course, the washing machine requires different positions than they are often used in bed. Prank the missionary position from your thoughts! For the washing machine is recommended that he takes it and puts on the washing machine. The man is standing in front of her. If she spreads her legs, he can now take them from the front.
What is the best sex furniture? The kitchen table

If your kitchen table is small you should skip this point. If your table is very massive, then welcome to your new favorite sex practice. Tables are mounted at a lower height than work surfaces. Here it is advisable for the woman to stand in front of the table and lay her upper body on the table top. Now the man stands behind her and enters her from behind.

What is the best sex furniture? The soft carpet floor

In winter, on a cold tile floor, nobody feels the need to drop their covers. On the other hand, it looks quite different with carpet. Although the same position is possible on the floor as in the bed, the fact that you have sex on the floor is something that is extremely antagonistic in itself. Sex on the floor is reminiscent of a wicked quickie in which both could not stand it anymore and did not make it to bed anymore.

What is the best sex furniture? The shower

Here it is hot and humid: The shower. While the bathtub usually offers too little space, there is enough room in the shower for a quick number. There are different options for the positions here.

• She leans against the wall and pushes her butt out as he enters her from behind.
• Only suitable for athletic minds! Both partners stand in front of each other, she spreads her legs. Now he lifts her up and she wraps her legs around her hips.

But attention: please do not slip!

What is the best sex furniture? The kitchen chair or the living room chair

If a couple wants to enjoy themselves on a chair or armchair, they have the active part. He sits down while she sits down on top of him. It can thus determine the pace at which it goes and how deep it penetrates.