Dildos are sexier with the perfect light

How to choose the best dildo for your Secret Fantasies

In modern sex shops thousands of models of phalluses. How to select the best for your pleasure? What models are most popular today, and what should you look for at the time of purchase?

Dildo selection approach

To buy the largest dildos for yourself or a partner, you need to figure out which sex toys are available. Dildos differ in shape, size, and material. For more information about the species and not to make a mistake when buying, answer a few questions:

For what purpose will the phallus be used? For vaginal or anal sex: Maybe for fisting or double penetration? For example, for anal sex, you need a model with a depth limiter. It will not allow the device to enter too deep. Any model is suitable for vaginal sex, but for double penetration, it is better to buy a two-headed phallus.

What size would you like to try? Some people dream of giants. They are interested in a great length and diameter. But there are those who understand that they can accommodate only a certain amount. It is necessary to think in advance what size will be optimal. For anal sex is recommended to choose a thinner phallus, so as not to injure the body.

Is there a desire for something unusual? You can buy a phallus that copies the penis of a famous porn actor. This is a particular fetish, which makes the use of sex toys more fun. And you can buy the phallus of some animal. Zoo-erotica allows you to feel inside the bodies of these and fictional characters. Sex with such objects turns into an exciting game.

Is it worth freeing up your hands? At the base of the phallus often place the suction cup. This addition is necessary for fixing the toy on some surface. This is very convenient during masturbation because then you can sit down on the phallus. In double sex, the sucker is used very rarely, and it is not always worth overpaying for it.

How much time is willing to spend on caring for the best dildo? Gentle realities are very pleasant to the touch, and they are almost impossible to distinguish from human skin. They quickly take on ambient temperature. But they are very demanding in care. Storing them in talc is necessary. Products made of silicone or PVC, rinse in water and put in a separate cover. If there is no time to wash, choose glass, it can be cleaned even in the dishwasher.

How old are you buying a dildo? The shelf life of sex toys is not limited, but in practice, they do not last forever. Surface realistic loses its tenderness after 1-2 years. Silicone or gel can serve up to 5 years. But metal or glass is almost eternal. They are challenging to spoil, with time the surface remains perfect. If you often change toys, choose softer and more delicate materials. If you are attached to sex objects, then the hardest phalluses are perfect for you.

Best large dildos at online stores

Online stores have been working in America for over 15 years. During this time, thousands of dildos were sold. And their customers have identified the best models of the phallus for a variety of parameters.

Stimulator Bouncer from Fun Factory

Silicone phallus not only gently enters the body but also pleasantly massages the walls. Inside it is placed three balls that roll when moving, creating the sensation of light vibration. And the faster the movement, the more intense they are felt. Bouncer formed from the highest quality material. It is resilient, but not rigid. It is suitable for both anal and vaginal sex. Today it is one of the best phalluses with special effects.

Dildo Colors Pleasures

Bright series of dildos attracts a lot of attention. The manufacturer has created devices of incredible colours and made them from high-quality silicone. They look realistic, traced even small details. There is a head, scrotum and even relief on the trunk and the advantage is a reliable sucker at the base, so the application is possible without hands. The series includes phalluses of 4 colours, and you can choose your size – 5.7 or 8 inches, and this is 13, 19 and 20 cm with a suction cup.

8 ” Dual-layered Silicone Dildo

The two-layer silicone phallus is flexible, but an elastic model. Inside is a hard layer of silicone, and it keeps its shape. Outside is a very delicate material that looks like human skin. This dildo is the best, because it does not require special care, but it is realistic. Slightly curved trunk allows you to massage the point G when it penetrates the female bosom. And the phallus is suitable for anal caresses. At the base of the sucker, which captures sex toy on any flat surface?

Ultra Realistic Cock 6 UR3 – Realistic

The ultra-realistic phallus is from the American company Doc Johnson. It feels like an ordinary man’s penis: delicate, flexible and warm. The unique material of the UR3 Company has been developed over the years for such sex toys to delight their owners. Its size is medium: 16 cm long, 4 cm in diameter. The scrotum is made at the base, and there is a suction cup to make it comfortable to use. Secure sex toy can be on any flat surface. This is one of the best realists on the market.

Dildoing dildo – hard giant

It is a transparent dildo of considerable size. It is 18 cm long and 6.5 cm in diameter. It looks beautiful, but sometimes frightening because of its size. It is made from high-quality gel, quite elastic to the touch. Almost does not bend, therefore, suitable for all kinds of caresses. This “baby” can fill every hole. The seal in the base allows you to apply for anal sex, but you should only try lovers of substantial expansion. The material is elastic, has no unpleasant smell, easy to clean, does not require special storage conditions.

Double Mini Dong Twin Head Lavender Stimulator – for double pleasure

Bilateral dildo created for double penetration. The curved shape allows you to penetrate two holes simultaneously. The base is flexible, agile, but it will not work out completely to unseat a sex toy. Beautiful pink colour pleases the eye. The diameter of one head is smaller than the other. The form is ideal for achieving bright female orgasms. It is suitable for masturbation, and for games in pairs. The toy is perfect for those who are first trying to double caress because it is impossible to immerse the toy too deep. The total length of it is 30 cm. And the main plus model at a great price.