Rabbit vibrators and the perfect lighting

What the rabbit vibrator offers more than other sex toys

The best rabbit vibrators, popularised by the current generation lovers, meet a huge success right now! What makes it different from other vibrators?

The king of sex toys

Also known as “Rabbit vibrator”, the rabbit vibrator records the best sales in the erotic accessories market. What does this success mean to you?

More intense sensations

This vibrator provokes all your senses through its simultaneous actions that excite all the erogenous zones of your intimacy for intense orgasms guaranteed! More exciting than fireworks, these can be given as gift vibrators for New Year and all other occasions.

Double / triple action stimulation

It combines vibration and rotation for delicious sensations that will make you climb the curtains for sure! It is designed to allow vaginal, clitoral and even anal stimulation – on some models – simultaneous with adjustable vibratory speeds and modes. The rabbit vibrator combines and increases the pleasure of a traditional dildo and a clitoral vibrator in one easy-to-use device.

Internal and external vibrations at controllable speed

The phallic body of the rabbit vibrator is equipped with rotating beads that rotate the glans in both directions while vibrating, offering greater amplitude and power to the caresses. Its curve, thought to stimulate the G-spot, perfectly matches the woman’s anatomy. You can control the speed of each function: increase the strength of the external vibrations only to intensify the clitoral stimulation or the opposite or both at the same time, to find the rhythm that suits you.

The different kinds of rabbit vibrators

There are many models of Rabbit vibrators, depending on size, colour and vibratory modes. There is something for every taste and budget! Among other things, the classic model is recognisable by its transparent phallic body that makes visible the rotating balls.

Some are fancier with flashing lights and original shapes, while others are more realistic with a nude colour and salient blood vessels. There are also models that vibrate to the rhythm of the music, which offer a dozen vibratory modes, which are equipped with a remote control or even resistant to water. Finally, the latest innovation is the addition of anal rotator at the back of the vibrator for multiple penetrations (vagina, clitoris, anal area). Called “Triple Rabbit”, this model offers an unparalleled experience!

How to choose your rabbit vibrator?

Buy a model with several speeds and modes of vibration for a use adapted to your tastes; Think about the size of the phallic body, which varies between 2.5 to 4.5 cm. Indeed, it would be a shame not to use it because it is too big and does you more harm than good. Similarly, if it’s too small for your taste, you may be disappointed although there is little chance that this happens given the multifunctionality of this vibrator. It is above all a matter of preference and personal choice; Favor vibrators made of soft silicone or elastomer (without phthalates). They are hypoallergenic and therefore safer; Ideally, opt for the rabbit vibrator that offers the most choice of pulse and pulsating modes on external stimulators.

Usage tips

• Penetration is always better when the vibrator is lubricated. Remember to put on the holes so that it can slide perfectly;
• Use only a lubricant suitable for silicone sex toys;
• Do not bring your vibrator under the shower or into your bath if it does not entirely resist water (submersible models);
• Always thoroughly clean with a disinfectant provided for this purpose after each use.

The “Rabbit” tempts you? Choose your first rabbit vibrator in the online store!

Rampant Bunny – Preferred Vibrator of Women

Surely you have heard wonders about the wild bunny. It is a vibrator designed for and by women that seek to elevate their pleasure to unimaginable heights. The engineering in this field is surpassed every day more, and the different models are happening, perfecting each day more this toy that enjoys more and more popularity.

The study and the knowledge of the feminine anatomy and its pleasure are more and deeper, and this causes that they go away designing more and more complex models every day that surely will make of your intimate moments a pure delight.

What is a wild bunny?

A wild bunny is a vibrator that combines vaginal stimulation and clitoral stimulation. It is called wild bunny because of its shape since it consists of two different parts; one larger than the other, similar to a standing rabbit.

The larger section is for vaginal stimulation through penetration and consists of own vibration patterns, designed to stimulate the vagina in its entirety. The smaller section is the part intended to encourage the clitoris, is not intended for penetration, but to stimulate the clitoris by contact. This section also consists of different vibration modes, designed for clitoral stimulation.

How do you use a wild bunny?

It is somewhat more complicated to use than a classic vibrator since at least it will be equipped with two independent controls to control the vibration, one for each section of the vibrator. Usually, the vibration patterns tend to be softer and simpler at the beginning and as they alternate, the intensity and richness of the vibrations increases. The first few times you should familiarise yourself with this toy, but be sure that very soon you will recognise those patterns that you like the most and you will learn to alternate them sublimely. Do not forget to use a little lubricant at the beginning, especially if there is not enough natural lubrication. It is preferable that this lubricant is water-based because they are very respectful lubricants with toys.

Types of rampant bunny

A classic violent rabbit has an independent motor in each section, central body and arm for the clitoris. But as we have already advanced, the industry of this toy has advanced a lot, and unknown functions have been added. Here are the types of complementary roles you can find:

1. With clitoris suction:

In this type of vibrators, the part destined to stimulate the clitoris does it through the mechanism of suction. Many women find the sensation of suction on their clitoris very stimulating, and for this reason, the latest generation clitoral vibrators have focused on contactless suction, and it has been a revolution.
It is recommended to activate the stimulation with suction when the excitation is already somewhat higher to avoid unpleasant sensations. You must not forget that the clitoris of women is an incredible but extremely demanding organ. It is something that you can only know if you try it, but expert encourages you because with this type of bunnies you have assured an intense orgasm.

2. With rotating pearls:

This type of bunnies contains a set of revolving gems that perform an exciting massage inside the vagina. As a rule, this type of vibrators consists of three control buttons since one of them is intended for the rotation of the beads. You can choose and alternate the speed and direction of rotation of the pearls. With this precise internal mechanism, you have guaranteed the G-spot stimulation since it generates massaging waves throughout your vagina that will be highly addictive.

3. With pulsation:

This bunny is a novelty since it incorporates a mechanism by impulse with what pretends to simulate the vagina in the intercourse, with very satisfactory rhythmic blows that will make you be a devoted fan of this toy. Close your eyes and experience the feeling of being stimulated with your hands-free.

4. With rotary axis:

The point G of the woman is very sensitive to pressure, and this is the best way to stimulate it. For this, these bunnies have been designed with a rotating head that ensures a perfect stimulation of this point.

5. With anal and vaginal stimulation:

There are bunnies designed for a triple stimulation, that is why instead of presenting two sections present three, and this third is usually a string of balls to enter the anus, and thus have an even more complete stimulation.

Things to keep in mind when buying your rampant rabbit

In addition to taking into account the stimulating possibilities of your toy, there are other things you should also keep in mind before buying your playmate

Size: It is essential that you feel comfortable with the size because when it comes to handling it and touching it is imperative that you do not regret it.

Material: There are many materials, although the most common are gelatin and silicone. The gelatin has a very soft and pleasant touch but has the drawback that it is a porous material and tends more to the accumulation of bacteria that could lead to gynaecological problems. If you decide on a gelatin toy, it is essential that the cleaning be thorough, with soap and water and with a toy cleaner afterwards. The toy cleaner will disinfect and guarantee total hygiene in the gelatin. Another small drawback of gelatin is that it degrades more quickly and has a shorter life than another toy from another material.

The silicone is soft and pleasant as well and does not have the disadvantages of gelatin, as it is enough to clean with soap and water to ensure complete hygiene. The drawbacks that we can find are that it is a somewhat more expensive material and the vibrations spread less intensely. In any case, this last problem has been solved by most toy manufacturers.